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What About College - What About Transcripts

What About College - What About Transcripts
Homeschoolers are often asked "What about college?" And "What about transcripts?" Let me explain how it works.

Homeschoolers are sought after by colleges, in demand because of their academic preparation and maturity. Many colleges attend homeschool conventions, hoping to attract these desired applicants. I see this every day in my work with homeschoolers, but it's not just my opinion. It's also backed up with facts. "Homeschool students are increasingly being actively recruited by colleges," Research Facts on Homeschooling .

Homeschoolers create their own official high school transcript the same way other high schools do: the give grades, and credits, and a GPA. A homeschool transcript is not accredited, but there are many public schools across the nation that are also not accredited. Let me repeat: some public schools are not accredited.

Surprised? It's not a secret! You can read more here:
US News & World Report: What Happens When a School District Fails?

That's why homeschoolers have no trouble creating an official transcript - one that is as official as any other unaccredited public school. And that's why homeschoolers have no trouble getting in to colleges when they meet the requirements. Let me give you just one example from one mother in California. After submitting her high school transcript, made by herself at home, her children were admitted to every college where they applied.

Hi Lee and Matt,
I am so grateful for all the help you, Lee, and your materials have been to me. My girls have beautiful transcripts and high school records and were accepted to every college to which they applied! And, I can't say enough about the blessing that our conversations have been to me. Also, thank you, Matt , for your help when technical snafus came this way! I will continue to recommend The Home Scholar, with enthusiasm. God bless you and your growing family in all you do!
Karyn in CA

You can continue to homeschool through high school. You'll be able to make a transcript and your child can go to college if that's your plan. Don't be swayed by fears! If your homeschool has been working, then you can continue all the way though high school and be successful.

My mission is to help parents homeschool high school. Learn more about homeschooling, so you can answer the common questions with facts, maintaining your commitment to a quality high school education.

If you would like some help with your record keeping, consider the Comprehensive Record Solution .
If you need some guidance with the college admission process, look at the College Launch Solution .

I would love to come alongside to help!
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