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Student Discounts for College Kids

Student Discounts for College Kids
This is a nearly-exhaustive look at student discounts available to college students. For most of these deals, the student will need to show their college ID or share their college email address in order to take advantage of the discount. While many of these discounts are small, they can add up, and college students get pretty good at counting their pennies after a while.

Ask about a college student discount at these places of business.

Clothing discounts usually save 10-15% or more.

American Apparel
American Eagle
Ann Taylor
Banana Republic
Charlotte Russe
Club Monaco
Under Armour
Urban Outfitters
Less expensive clothing stores have discounts too! Ask at Salvation Army and Goodwill

Technology savings for college students

Adobe: 60% college student discount on Creative Cloud
Amazon Student: Free six-month Amazon Prime trial
Apple: Specials for all students vary
Best Buy: College student deals to get promo codes by email
Dell: "Dell University" gives deals on laptops and tablets
Logitech: 30% discount
Norton: Norton has a student discount
Office 365: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams for free when you have a university email address

Meal discounts

Arby’s: 10% off your order
Buffalo Wild Wings: 10% off your order
Burger King: 10% off your order
Chick-fil-A: free small drink with your order
Chipotle: free small drink with your order
Dairy Queen: 10% off your order
Domino's: 10% off your order
Dunkin’ Donuts: 10% off your order
IHOP: 10% off your order
McDonald's: 10% off your order
Papa John's: 10-20% off your order
Pizza Hut: 10-20% off your order
Qdoba: free small drink with your order
Subway: 10% off your order
TCBY: 15% off your order
Waffle House: 10% off your order

Entertainment and shopping deals

The New York Times: up to 50% off print, or $1 a week digital subscriptions
Spotify - Hulu: 50% off Spotify Premium, which includes a Hulu subscription
The Wall Street Journal: subscribe to this paper for $1 a week, print and digital
Pier 1: 15% off
Target Online Purchases: 10% off

More deals

If you have found other discounts PLEASE COMMENT and pass along your great deals to other students!
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