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Relationship and Purity Studies Book List

Relationship and Purity Studies Book List

Relationship and purity studies are an important health topic for all teenagers. Look at books to decide which is best fit for your family, and you can read and discuss issues about dating with your child. You might choose just one book, and include it in your health class. Or you might provide a significant reading list, that becomes the cornerstone of your healthy relationships course. Here are my suggestions.

My top 3 Relationship Books

  1. For younger teens, "Passport to Purity" by Dennis and Barbara Rainey
  2. For older teens, age 14-19, "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy
  3. For young adults, "Boundaries in Dating" by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

No book can be perfect for all families, and conversations can't be replaced with reading a book. I did some "crowd-sourcing" on Facebook to see what other families have used. In the context of conversations with your teens, you may find these books are a better fit for your family. Carefully read the book descriptions and the reviews. You want to find a book that matches your values, but is challenging enough to make your teenager really think.

Again, the relationship books below have been recommended by other homeschool families, and I have not read them myself. My children are bibliophiles, and we provided multiple books on relationships for them to read. I have not reviewed every book on this list below, so carefully look at the descriptions to determine the best fit. Some of these books may be controversial within your friend group, and others may be too shocking or too staid. You are trying to find a book or books that will be a challenging read, but not blow your child out of the water. You know your child(ren) best.

Relationship and Purity Studies Book List

I hope you enjoy this list and find something that makes it comfortable for you to talk with your kids. Do you know of more good books on the topic of purity?

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