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Judgement Free Math Tips

Judgement Free Math Tips

This is totally a no judgment zone! Let's talk about homeschool math without making you cry. My article High School Math without the Moaning can help!

Our goal is to get through one math level per year. There is no specific level you need to have in order to graduate - don't let math be the determining factor on whether your child graduates or not.

While calculus may not be important for vet school, math is important in general for scholarships of any kind.

A science-minded child will often do better with Saxon math, even if mom or dad thinks it's crazy to choose such a scary-looking curriculum.

You can speed up math when your child knows some concepts and not others. That might happen with a gifted child learning math naturally when you aren't looking. It might happen after you have switched math curriculum, perhaps more than once, when you're trying to find a good math fit.

Get a video tutorial to coordinate with your math lessons, particularly if you are a little unsure about math, or can't convey a general positive attitude while teaching math. This post can help you find a good fit, and help you teach High School Math without the Moaning.

Carefully read this article on how to make sure you move forward with math: 9 Ways to Actually Get Math Done This Year.

Need more ideas? Read this short Coffee Break Book: High School Math The Easy Way: Simple Strategies for Homeschool Parents In Over Their Heads

The key is, don't stress about math! There are plenty of resources and varieties of curriculum to fit your need.

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