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Homeschool Student Graduates College with No Student Debt

Homeschool Student Graduates College with No Student Debt

​So many people are afraid of college debt... and for good reason! Paying full price for college can cause long-term consequences for future family and career. However, you don't need to pay full price for college - in fact there are lots of great scholarships out there! Instead of paying full price, you can learn about college scholarships now, and graduate without student debt. Read what Kathy wrote about her experience with homeschooling through high school and achieving debt-free college.

Hi Lee,

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the past years. I really appreciate you and your advice. On Saturday, I graduated my youngest child who will be heading off to Liberty University in the fall. What a blessed journey it has been and you have been a big part of the success we have experienced.

I am an organized person but your help in staying on top of deadlines was invaluable as well as advice about testing, college credits and transcripts. My daughter completed her 3rd year at Liberty this year and has been on a full tuition scholarship. What a blessing it will be for her to graduate with no student debt! And she will be graduating in December, a semester early because of the college credits she earned in high school through CLEP and community college. Knowledge I gained from you helped us to do this!

Thank you again. I appreciate you and all you do. Anytime I have nervous moms coming and asking me questions about homeschooling high school, I direct them your way and they are very thankful.

Thank you,

Kathy Webster

If you need help with deadlines, feel nervous, or have questions about homeschooling high school, I'd love to help!

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