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[Free eBook] College Credit in High School

Get tips for busy homeschool parents trying to choose the right test and prepare students for high school test success and to earn college credit in high school.

Why are high school subject tests important? They provide outside documentation of high school accomplishments and demonstrate college readiness. They show understanding of academic subjects. Colleges know there are poorly educated public and private school students. They need outside documentation to be sure that a high school transcript matches what a child actually knows. 

Most often universities see test scores as the primary source of outside documentation. This documentation is often limited to the standard SAT® or ACT®. The SAT® demonstrates achievement in English and Math, while the ACT® includes proof of understanding Science concepts. 

SAT Subject Tests™ were previously used for outside documentation. Those tests are no longer available. 

There can be other forms of outside documentation beyond tests for college credit in high school. When a student is not a brilliant test taker, look beyond tests for demonstration of college readiness. Some options include dual enrollment in college classes, great letters of recommendation, a professional and accurate homeschool transcript, thorough course descriptions, work resume, activity list, performance, competition or interview. These will allow colleges to complete a holistic review of your student, even if subject tests are not available. You do not need to become a test-taking machine to succeed in college admission.

There are two different high school subject tests to choose from. Perhaps you have already heard about the AP® Test or AP® classes. Maybe you have wondered about CLEP® tests after hearing them mentioned at a convention seminar. Let me explain them all, plain and simple in one quick overview, to get you started in the right direction.

In this white paper, you will learn the 5 W's High School Subject Tests, the 5 Rights of Subject Tests, and how to choose the best study guides for each test. Finally, I'll show you how to choose the subject test that is best for your student. Get your free download here.

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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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