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Documentation + Work Samples + Grading = Easy-Peasy DONE!

Mary Beth asked me on Facebook, "What type of documentation is recommended to support our student’s transcripts? Sample of work? How do we determined the grade? Do we need to be able to defend the grade we gave our student?"

Documentation + Work Samples + Grading = Easy Peasy Done! Documentation + Work Samples + Grading

I suggest that you keep course descriptions as you go, updating them each year, so that you have a record of your curriculum and class experiences. A course description can have three distinct parts.

  1. A paragraph about what you did, perhaps from the curriculum manufacturer, online class description, or my Comprehensive Record Solution.

  2. A list of what you used, including textbooks, supplements, experiences, and field trips.

  3. A description of how you evaluated, listing tests, quizzes, papers, projects, discussion, or other non-test assessments.

Keep samples of work in a notebook, in case colleges ask for a sample. It's unlikely they will ask, but those samples can add some feeling of security. Better safe than sorry! Plus, saving these samples can help you describe in details your grading criteria.

Outside documentation is important, but there are many options, so choose the one that best first your homeschool and your child. It can be different for every student - maybe just the SAT for one student, or lots of AP tests for another student. This article explains outside documentation: Super-Size Scholarships with Outside Documentation

More Resources

I have two free classes that will be a big help for parents.

1. This free class will explain a LOT about documentation: Homeschool Records that Open Doors

2. This free class will explain about how to determine grades: A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits and Transcripts

= Easy-Peasy DONE!

Don't be anxious about homeschooling high school - do something about it! Take some classes, read some books, and go to a homeschool convention to learn more. It's not scary, it's just a little different. You'll figure it out - it's really not that hard.

What do you do for your continuing education? What books and resources do you used to help you along the way?

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Tuesday, 09 August 2022

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