College Admission is like Thanksgiving Dinner

College Admission is like Thanksgiving Dinner

Preparing your menu for admissions is a lot like preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. It takes time and effort to prepare deliciously, scrumptious and eye-pleasing presentations. If you are thinking about Thanksgiving, let me share my menu with you. If you are thinking about college admission, I'll give you my menu for that, as well!

Here is my regular Thanksgiving Menu. Each item will take planning, and it has to be carefully timed to be presented at just the right moment, while it's still warm – or cool. I make as much as possible ahead of time. Some things, like thawing a turkey, take a LOT of advanced planning.

Advanced Planning for Thanksgiving


  • ​Vegetable Tray
  • Apples with Caramel Dip
  • Baked Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara 
  • Cocoa with Candy Cane and Whipped Cream 
  • Egg Nog and Egg Nog Latte
Main Meal
  • ​Turkey with gravy Mashed Potatoes 
  • Sausage Stuffing Homemade Bread 
  • Whipped Sweet Potato 
  • Asparagus Spears 
  • Cranberry Relish 
  • Sparkling Cider
  • ​Pumpkin Pie 
  • Apple Pie 
  • Cranberry Sorbet
Advanced Planning for College Admission
Here is the usual College Admission Menu. It will also take some planning, and it needs to be carefully timed and be presented at just the right moment.

College Appetizers
  • ​Rigorous curriculum
  • Admission tests 
  • College visits College
Main Meal
  • ​Transcript 
  • Reading List 
  • Course Descriptions 
  • Application forms 
  • Financial Aid forms 
  • Letters of recommendation 
  • Supplemental materials 
  • Application essays 
College Admission Dessert
  • ​Graduation party 
  • Diploma Senior portraits
Like a Thanksgiving menu, each item takes time and planning. This is a great time to start working on each piece!

Learn more about preparing yummy homeschool records that will open the door to college admission, and hopefully earn you great scholarships.

Kathy recently took the class and wrote, "Lee is extremely professional and relevant to homeschooling. All her tips and recommendations are clearly explained and ideas I wouldn't have considered. The voice of experience (successful experience at that) is *always* valuable!"

So why don't you watch this free class to learn how you can be successful in college admission? This free class comes with a marvelous workbook that you can save and refer to later.

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