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3 Budget Christmas Gift Ideas

You can save money on gifts for the holidays! Great ways to save money on gifts include buying things that are useful AND are things you will eventually need to buy anyway. You could also buy gifts that improve your chances of receiving excellent scholarships.

Here are three HUGE ideas to help you save money on gifts this holiday season and beyond.

1. Buy Great Books

Many homeschoolers love great books and reading! Quality literature can improve the chance of college admission and scholarships. How does that work? Simple! High quality literature can improve SAT® or ACT® test scores by improving reading, analysis, vocabulary, comprehension, and other English skills. Even remedial learners can improve test scores by reading, as long as you choose books carefully. Check out my College Bound Reading List and my Middle School Reading List for great ideas for books that will perfectly fit your child.

Even fictional, "non-schoolish" books can be an investment into your student's education. Reading books that are slightly above their reading ability can challenge their imagination and vocabulary. Historical fiction is an excellent way for students to understand history in a more personal and real way. Science fiction has the potential to open your child's mind to future possibilities and spark their imagination and creativity. The books don't have to be "real school books" to be educational and beneficial to your child.

2. Buy Necessities for College

When your children get ready to leave for college, there are things you're just going to have to buy. They will need an alarm clock that they know how to use. They'll need their own personal laptop for their school work. You can save money by giving your teenager some of these things now, for Christmas, so you have less to buy in the spring when they graduate. You can also purchase some comfort items now, like a cozy blanket that they might find familiar when they first face homesickness. Check out my College Packing List for great ideas on what you will need to be shopping for.

3. Buy Gifts that Earn Scholarships

Colleges love "passion" in applicants. They love students who love learning. We homeschoolers call that "Delight-Directed Learning." So, when you buy things that fuel their passionate pursuits, whether that is music, LEGOs, botany books, chess, or a chemistry set, you are actually investing in "passion." That passion could be rewarded with college admission and scholarships. Yes, a computer or microscope can seem expensive now, but it could be an investment in your child's future. Electives are often areas of passion learning. Take a look at a complete list of High School Electives to get even more ideas for how to spark a love of learning in your child!

More Ideas for Homeschooling Through the Holidays 

My article, Christmas Gifts that Pay for College, has subject-specific recommendations and ideas for gifts that will cut down on college costs. If your child loves art, English, strategy, or physical activity, this is the list for you. There is even a section of recommendations just for busy moms.

For more ideas on staying sane and saving money, you might like this short coffee break book filled with tips and suggestions!

The Holiday season, especially between November and January, is a busy time. Celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, and more seem to tumble on top of each other, with no time in between. For many homeschoolers, it seems that any idea of homeschooling just goes out the window during these times. Is it even possible to stay sane and continue to homeschool, even a little?! Yes! Get my best tips and suggestions for achieving your homeschool goals during the holiday season without sacrificing precious family time.
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