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17 Top Tips for College-Bound Teens

17 Top Tips for College-Bound Teens

Headed to college? Eventually high school ends, the final class is finished, and graduation has been celebrated. Start looking forward to the next step with this list of tips for kids heading off to college:

  • Clean up all social media accounts.
  • Connect with your roommate. 
  • Continue applying for scholarships. 
  • Get a wellness check-up from your doctor. 
  • Go to orientation at college. 
  • Locate medical services (before you get sick!).
  • Locate the college's packing list on their website.
  • Navigate the college website. 
  • Purchase and preview your textbooks. 
  • Purchase supplies (calculators and calendars). 
  • Register for the draft 
  • Register to vote. 
  • Research clubs and groups you'd like to attend. 
  • Set up banking and know how to manage money. 
  • Take a tour of your new location.
  • Take placement tests (colleges often use the "Accuplacer" test).
  • Read my article College Packing List
  • Click here to download the free, PRINTABLE College Packing List!

Have a Family Meeting

Before you leave home, spend some time discussing the nitty-gritty details and money-matters with your parents. Don't assume, discuss! Nobody in your family is a mind-reader, so sit down and talk together, adult-to-adult. There are some important discussions you need to have with your parents. Use this list of prompts for your discussion:

  • Will you take a car with you?
  • When can you or should you come home for breaks?
  • How will you get money for your living expenses?
  • Will they provide financing, or do you need to get a job, or both?
  • Ask for advice about your major, career options, and classes.
One way or the other, teens need to become independent adults. If you would like some help preparing your teen for college and life, check out the College Launch Solution.
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