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42 Solutions to Lack of Motivation

For one hundred unmotivated teens, there might be one hundred different solutions to motivating them, as parents mix and match brainstorming ideas and finding online and community resources. Sometimes, the fix to an unmotivated teen is as easy as being sure you Have a Morning Meeting for Homeschool Success.

If you are facing an unmotivated teenager, look over this list to see if you are missing an easy solution, or failing to see an important safety concern.

42 Ideas to Try

Have you studied learning styles?
Have you incorporated enough play?
Have shorter lessons. 
Alternate physical activity with seat work.
Add fun in every subject.
Enjoy games across the curriculum.
Avoid using classroom-based textbooks.
Incorporate your child's interests.
Have you included delight directed learning?
Have a morning meeting.
Stop doing too much.
Keep reasonable school hours.
Do you over-estimate  your morning?
Make sure the work is at child's level.
Don't over-work the child's weak area.
Opt out of classroom settings.
Evaluate to see if curriculum is a good fit.
Don't expect perfect attentiveness.
Don't expect instant independence.
Encourage and embrace career interests and incorporate them! 
Provide a liberal arts education.
Provide a variety of activities of interest.
Wait it out.
Try some gentle bribery and rewards.
Spousal support is important.
Natural consequences for actions.
If-then statements to give limits.
Limit technology.
Look for hidden interests.
Provide free time.
Feed their specialization needs.
Get them a job or allow them to have a job.
Find them a mentor.
Provide incentives.
Allow honest feelings.
Give more hugs and wrestle more. 
Say, "I love you" more.
Spend more time together.
Spend more time in nature.
Catch them doing something right.
Seek a specialist for behavior diagnosis and modification.

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It is hard to love an unmotivated teen, at times. Hang in there! Don't struggle alone. Need more answers? I can help in my class, The 12 Keys to High School Success

Have you been in this position before? Do you have suggestions that might help other struggling parents?



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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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