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Homeschool Graduation Announcement

Homeschool Graduation Announcement
One day your child will graduate high school - can you believe it? Then you will get to order a college announcement for your child!

Debbie wrote,

"Parker will be our first to graduate high school. I truly appreciate your help along this path. I do not know if you will remember us at all, but you helped to look over his transcript, made suggestions on his application essays and took my calls with crazy questions. I am so glad that you have been available to help us navigate this process. Parker has chosen to attend University. He was accepted into their honors program and was rewarded their greatest merit scholarship! We are very proud of him and excited about his next journey."

Her son got great scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and a shortened path through college due to his dual enrollment classes. With an internship in South America, and a semester in Asia, his options seem without limit!

Isn't it great what homeschooling can do to prepare a young person for college and for life?

What did Debbie learn through the process of graduating her first?

"I am now keeping better records for my younger son. I think I will try to be more involved in your webinars and try to find time to read your books! Thank you for working so hard to help the homeschool community. You truly are a blessing and I am thankful for you!"

Isn't it wonderful to share this good news together! Praising the Lord and doing the Happy Dance here!

How to Get Scholarships
Register for Draft at Age 18

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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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