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7 College Acceptance Letters and Generous Scholarships

#7 College Acceptance Letters and Generous Scholarships @TheHomeScholar7 College Acceptance Letters and Generous Scholarships

Where are you in the homeschool journey right now? Are you feeling panicky? Overwhelmed? You KNOW you can just reach out and get some help, right? And one day maybe you will report back, shouting from the rooftops about getting 7 college acceptance letters and generous scholarships! I just got the sweetest note from Lois, thanking me for her son's success with college admission and scholarships.
        I want to thank you SO MUCH for your help when I was panicking about getting my comprehensive record and homeschool transcript done! In spite of the panic and the work and the time, I am VERY pleased with how they turned out with your guidance. I want to tell you that my son was accepted into every one of the seven schools he applied to, and I am sure the thorough records had quite a bit to do with that. I certainly know your calming and practical advice and counsel along the way had a huge impact on our shaping and recording his work with an eye toward college. My son received generous scholarships, both for merit and need-based. I just wanted to be sure to say thank you. ~ Lois

Maybe what you would REALLY like is some help with calming and practical guidance and counsel. I would love to help you, too!

#Lois GCC collage @TheHomeScholaI was able to meet Lois in 2014 at a homeschool convention on the East Coast. If you would like me to speak at your convention, contact the convention organizer to request me. Hopefully I can see you soon!

Are you going to a homeschool convention this year?




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