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3 Reasons why Homeschooling Works

3 Reasons why Homeschooling Works

Ever wonder why homeschooling is successful for so many parents, even ones who face seemingly impossible problems in their local public high school? Read on to learn why homeschooling works.

1. Homeschooling is actually the best education, according to some statistics. 

Homeschooled kids perform better on standardized assessment tests, regardless of their race, socio-economic status, parents level of education, or gender. It doesn't mean your homeschooler will score better than their smartest homeschool friend, it just means they will score better than they would have, had they not been homeschooled. I believe that's because parents are emotionally invested in the outcome of homeschooling. We have nobody to blame, so we have to be good! Plus the LOVE we have for our children pushes us to make sure they are ultimately successful as educated and thriving young adults. We actually make sure they learn things, not simply count attendance. As they learn, their learning builds on itself. The opposite can be true in public school, where, if a child is missing a concept, the class just moves on... so grades get lower and lower as the child gets older, unable to truly succeed because nobody made sure they actually learned the covered material.

2. Homeschooled kids have the best career possibilities. 

We can shape and mold their character and work ethic (again, we are deeply invested in encouraging them to work, right?). They can also practice their different and unique interests through all grade levels of school, so they get the chance to really try different career paths along the way. My children were able to mow the law of neighbors in elementary school, and by middle school had a "real job" once a week. By the time they graduated high school they had an actual resume, with demonstrated proof they would be a good employee.

3. Homeschooled kids have the best real-world socialization. 

Only in traditional schools are people segregated into groups that are all within 12 months of their birthday. Instead, homeschoolers interact with ALL age groups, and most can function with any kind of person, not just age-mates they hang with. Also, my kids started homeschooling in 3rd and 5th grades. Through all of public school they were told NOT to talk and socialize at school, and at recess (being boys) they didn't care to socialize, they only wanted to get some physical activity. So it wasn't until we began homeschooling that they developed true friendships.

If this is something you would like to learn more about, I have a free class called Homeschooling - How and Why it Works, with Dr. Jay Wile.

Dr. Jay Wile presents the most recent research on how homeschoolers compare with their counterparts. You will learn the principles and practices of modern homeschooling families that almost guarantee your family's success!

Here's an example of how homeschooling high school can change the trajectory of your family. Karen Hood wrote in her Google review.

"I have been following Lee for a few years gathering information on homeschooling high school because my son was not thriving in our public high school. Our situation was that he loved school, his friends and just being with others so he wanted to remain in school. I have an older daughter that did do very well at this particular high school so we were trying to just get through 12th grade. However; his severe ADHD, which had been undiagnosed believe it or not until 11th grade, was just thwarting his full potential. He was failing, he was full of anxiety, and was heading down a dark path. It was a very scary time for our family.

The pandemic gave me the opportunity to jump in with the skills that I had learned from the HomeScholar- Lee Binz. From her books, videos, and website. I purchased her Total Transcript Solutions and the very wonderful Comprehensive Record Solution, which was so worth the price! Filed a PSA with my state and began homeschooling him his senior year. I want you to know that my son is very intelligent and can learn anything however he was not going to graduate if I had left him in the public school. With the HomeScholar's help I have been blessed to see my son thrive in every subject. He's getting straight A's, of course, because he's mastering every subject. My favorite thing is that he is happy and is looking forward to attending Community College in the fall. I have no doubt that he will be ready. Thank you Lee Binz and staff for all you do. You have saved us."

by Karen Hood 
Homeschool for Long Term Success
The High School Solution Review by Susan Anadale a...

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