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How to Attend Outside Classes as a Homeschool Student

How do you attend outside classes and demonstrate that you are well educated and well socialized? Do you want to take a class at public high school or community college, but you are afraid of what the teachers think about homeschoolers? Let me explain the problem. This blog will help you learn how to attend outside classes as a homeschool student.


Some teachers feel that homeschoolers are not well prepared socially or academically.  Often the only homeschoolers they know about are the ones who weren't successful at home and are going to public school because they were not successful.  Successful homeschoolers don't have a sign over their head saying "I was homeschooled!" and so they don't recognize success even when they see it. They may only see homeschoolers who don't function well.

You can demonstrate social skills, regardless of their ignorance. Let me explain the solution.

Make sure that when your child is introduced to anyone at the school, that she looks them in the eye, speaks to them clearly and directly, and shakes hands firmly. When they ask about homeschooling, be prepared with a simple concise answer. "I loved homeschooling! It was awesome!  And I'm happy to be in this class now, I think it will be fun too!" With their peers, teach you teen to look them in the eye, smile, speaking clearly. Some children will whine and say "I can't! I'm not like that!" Then you need to explain the concept of "acting." Tell your child she doesn't have to "feel" confident, she only has to "act" confident. It's all an act, like an actor pretends to be confident, or like a musician who fudges a note pretends it was written into the music.

You can demonstrate academic excellence, too. Let me explain how to do that in a classroom situation.

For academics competence, make sure your child is placed in an appropriate level class - not put into pre-calculus if she should be taking algebra.  Tell your child to communicate clearly with the teacher about assignments.  Talking directly to the teacher after class is often all you need to do to convey that you are "engaged" and academic.  The Institute for Excellence in Writing has a wonderful writing program that might help your child understand writing to the teacher.  Look at the Advance Communication Series. It's a quick videok review of writing so that teachers will love you and your writing.  He talks about writing with the teacher's preferences in mind.  You may be able to find that at the library or from Amazon. IEW Advanced Communication Series

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