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[Book Excerpt] High School Math the Easy Way

~ A word from our founder, The HomeScholar Emeritus, Lee Binz ~

This is a chapter from my book, High School Math the Easy Way: Simple Strategies for Homeschool Parents In Over Their Heads. You can purchase a copy in print or Kindle version on Amazon.

Chapter 1

Correct Sequence

In what order do you need to teach math? It may surprise you that the order you cover math doesn't matter as much as ensuring math is taught for four full years in high school. The high school transcript needs to include four or more credits of math. This is important because it's required for high school graduation in every state. It's also important because almost all colleges require four years of math. Even if your child already has four or five years of math by the time they start high school, you still want to teach four years of math while they're in high school (at high school age). 

However, this doesn't mean your child must do four years of upper level math, including calculus. It simply means they should continue to work at their own level and keep moving forward every year. Yes, it's wonderful to complete calculus in high school, but not everyone will get there. Not getting to calculus doesn't mean they can't get into college! Simply cover math every single year.

The sequence may vary. There are two ways math is usually introduced:

Algebra 1 – Geometry – Algebra 2 – Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus – Calculus


Algebra 1 – Algebra 2 – Geometry – Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus – Calculus 

Try to get geometry completed before 11th grade if you can. Children take the PSAT®, SAT®, or the ACT® in eleventh grade, which all include geometry. If geometry is finished before 11th grade, your child will score better on these tests. I prefer the first sequence option because your child will be more likely to complete geometry before 11th grade. 

Geometry is completely different than algebra, much like biology is different than chemistry. Kids who hate algebra may love geometry. Introducing geometry in the middle gives kids a break. Geometry class also has some review of Algebra 1 concepts in it. As your child balances numbers, they use some of the skills learned in Algebra 1. By completing Algebra 1 followed by geometry, your child gets a whole year of Algebra 1 practice before Algebra 2. It can help students insecure in their Algebra 1 skills to get it into their brains before they start Algebra 2. 

High School Math the Easy Way is one of my Coffee Break Books. What are Coffee Break Books? These are books designed for YOU - a busy homeschool parent feeling frustrated by something, and needing information NOW - all put together in an easy-to-read, short, simple format. Coffee Break Books are perfect for overwhelmed, sleep-deprived moms with a baby on their hip. Simple, large font makes them easy to read even when distracted or pulled in a million directions. They are designed to help parents tackle just ONE issue of homeschooling during just ONE coffee break! Each book combines a practical and friendly approach with detailed, easy-to-digest information. Never overwhelming, always accessible and manageable, each book in the series will give you the tools you need to tackle the tasks of homeschooling high school, one warm sip at a time.

Learn more about High School Math the Easy Way in my video review below: 

This is a chapter from my book, High School Math the Easy Way: Simple Strategies for Homeschool Parents In Over Their Heads. You can purchase a copy in print or Kindle version on Amazon.

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