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Making a Transcript

  • Workshop, Workbook, Audio Download, Sample Transcript

High School Grades and Credits

  • Workshop, Workbook, Audio Download, Course Slides
  • Spreadsheet for Recording Grades (Excel)

Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child

  • Workshop, Handout, Audio Download

One-hour Transcript Workshop

  • Workshop, Handout, Audio Download
  • Planning Guide

How to Calculate GPA

  • Workshop, Handout, Audio Download, Course Slides
  • Conversion Chart from Letter to Numerical Grades
  • GPA Calculator

How to Create Course Titles

  • Workshop, Audio Download, Course Slides

Scholarship-Winning Transcript Tips

  • Webinar with Handout, Slides and Course Audio

Additional Reading

  • How to put Dual Enrollment on Your Transcript
  • Acronyms for Outside Classes
  • Sending Transcripts for Senior Year Applications
  • Listing Classes on a Transcript that Aren’t Done Yet
  • Public School Classes on Your Homeschool Transcript
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