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Dear Homeschool Parent,

Have you ever noticed how the world of "professional education" loves to put you down and question your abilities as a teacher?

A favorite way they do this is through advertisements that say their private school or government sponsored program employs "real teachers" and uses "proven curriculum." They ignore the fact that homeschool parents, who love and are committed to their kids, consistently deliver a superior education through every phase of schooling.

And while it is true that most parents homeschooling their elementary children feel some level of "we've got this" confidence, something fundamentally changes around 6th or 7th grade. It is around this time that some of those negative messages finally find their mark in the heart of many homeschool parents.

  • "Can I really homeschool high school?"
  • "Will my kids grow to hate homeschooling and resent me?"
  • "I don't remember how to do upper level math, let alone teach it!"
  • "What if colleges won't accept my child's homeschool education?"

These are real questions and they are powerful enough to cause far too many parents to drop out of homeschooling and put their kids into public or private school.

But it isn't these parents' ability to educate that changes. It isn't that they aren't enjoying homeschooling anymore. It isn't even that their kids have "outgrown" homeschooling.

What is it then?

I believe it is a loss of confidence. To put it simply, they grow afraid.

But what if you knew of a place where you could get all your questions about homeschooling middle school and high school answered?

What if you found a resource that would consistently cut through all the internet noise and give you proven advice to make your homeschool provide the best possible education for your children?

What if you knew that your toughest challenges, your biggest concerns could be answered in a way that boosted your confidence and renewed your commitment to finish your high calling to educate your children?

Too good to be true?

Read on to learn more!

Blessings, Lee Binz
Blessings, Lee Binz

Our Unexpected Journey!

When I was homeschooling, no such resource existed. In fact, almost ALL my friends dropped out of homeschooling when they reached middle school. There was a time, right after I moved to a new neighborhood when I literally knew no one who was continuing to homeschool into high school.

Was I crazy to want to continue? Possibly.

But the one thing I knew was that God had called me to be a homeschool parent and that calling wasn't rescinded just because my kids hit 7th grade.

In fact, the calling grew louder and deeper.

My husband and I knew we were supposed to homeschool through high school. Since we had no resources readily at our disposal, we had to find them all. I literally spent hundreds of hours researching everything that was available in the library and online on how to homeschool the upper grades.

The bad news for us was that much of the existing information was confusing, contradictory and frustrating.

Flash forward four years and we were looking at envelopes that included admission and scholarship awards from our boys' first choice university totaling $187,000.

What happened?

Well, the simplest way to explain it is after a lot of research, we kind of just figured it out.

  • We discovered how to homeschool high school in a way that maximized the benefits of home education and avoided most of the problems.
  • We identified strategies that kept our kids as engaged and committed to their education as we were.
  • We unlocked the mysteries of college admission and getting those huge merit based scholarships.
  • Finally, we figured out how to do it without driving each other and our children crazy!!

Granted, when we started high school we had no idea we would enjoy the amazing success that we did. We had no idea whether our strategies would work, so we studied, planned, strategized, and prayed like crazy.

So when we got those huge scholarships, we gave thanks. And when our homeschooling friends started asking (no, more like begging) for me to help them with high school, we talked it over and decided to give back.

Really, our Plan A was me going back to work full time as a nurse and using that money to pay for college. Now, with college for both kids paid for, we could scratch Plan A.

I remember the summer a few years back that my husband asked me point blank, "What would you like to do with your time now?"

Without hesitating, I said, "I want to keep homeschooling *sniff*".

My husband gently pointed out that we were missing one of the key ingredients for homeschooling (i.e. more children). So I then said, "I'd really like to help other moms so they don't have to go through what I had to."

And thus, The HomeScholar was born.

Do-it-Yourself without Doing it Alone!

For the last decade, I have been helping parents homeschool high school. My clients have experienced success similar to ours, and some have experienced far, far greater success. (Imagine your kids being paid to go to college ....) My primary means of helping parents has been though free materials, paid parent training classes, and in-person consulting.

There was one thing that was missing though ...

I have never offered a complete stand-alone, do-it-yourself homeschool through high school training package for parents who did not want or need individual coaching/mentoring.

That is, until now...

Click Here to Join the Silver Training Club!

Introducing The HomeScholar Silver Training Club

The HomeScholar Silver Training Club is my solution for busy homeschool parents who would like just the right amount of high school training made available when and where they need it.

When you join the Silver Training Club, you will have access to over a decade's worth of hard won lessons-learned.

The Silver Training Club is Proven ...

These are not abstract or esoteric concepts that may work for some but not for the majority of homeschoolers. These are proven, easy to understand, simple to implement strategies that have been proven by thousands of my clients who have achieved remarkable high school success.

The Silver Training Club is Convenient ...

All the lessons are conveniently located on one, easy-to-access web page. In addition, the content is updated each month with fresh, new lessons, templates and resources that you can watch or download at your convenience.

The Silver Training Club is Manageable ...

No need to sift through reams of home high school resources or hours of online conferences looking for the few nuggets you can apply. Each piece of training is golden and targeted to help parents answer the specific questions they have, quickly and effectively.

The Silver Training Club is Inexpensive ...

For the monthly cost of one homeschool paperback or one training video, you get a remarkable library of up-to-date, effective do-it-yourself lessons that will empower you and give you the confidence to move forward. The content is continually updated so you never have to worry if it is outdated or no longer works in today's shifting culture.

Here's Exactly What You Will Get as a Member of The HomeScholar Silver Training Club

  • 5 New How-To Training Courses Refreshed Each Month: Immediate access to videos (viewable on the web) and downloadable audios of selected public presentations. Classes are arranged by level of panic and information needed.
    • Beginner Training – detailed 4-hour "how to" workshop divided into bite-size portions
    • Intermediate Training - detailed info that’s not overwhelming on subjects like delight directed learning and teaching high school English
    • Advanced Training - more advanced topics like scholarships and how to find a college, simply explained
    • Encouragement - motivating, often scripture-filled classes
  • College Prep Calendar: Customized PDF checklists for every year from middle school through high school. ($75 value)
  • High School Templates and Tools: Expanded templates and tools in Word, Excel, Pages, and PDF to ease your high school journey. Tools and templates include high school planning guide, GPA calculator, transcript, report cards, and diploma. ($150 value)
  • Special Promo Code: The lowest price available for upgrading to The HomeScholar Gold Care Club.

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. The Silver Training Club Comes With A 30 Day "Real Homeschool Mom" Money-Back Guarantee!
We're ready to prove everything we claim. Join The HomeScholar Silver Training Club right now, and try it yourself for the next 30 days. If your membership does not live up to any of the claims stated here, I don't want your money, and I'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Join The HomeScholar Silver Training Club Now For Only $27/Month!
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