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When my son went to interview for college, the admission’s counselor praised his Comprehensive Record we submitted saying he had never seen anything like that before. "Best transcript ever, for it... Read More

Your Comprehensive Record Solution was all the training my family needed! My son applied to colleges and prioritized essays over other activities until they were completed. I had the transcript and... Read More

I first became acquainted with you 4 years ago when we first started homeschooling. Having spent a couple years in the public schools, moving to homeschooling was obviously a daunting task. I went... Read More

We have been accepted to almost every University we applied for, most with scholarships. I believe your transcript and Comprehensive Records was one of the key factors. I spoke to several schools,... Read More

I purchased your Total Transcripts Solutions and Comprehensive Records bundle and it was AMAZING! Our daughter was accepted into her one and only choice school WITH an amazing scholarship. I had been... Read More

"Thank you, Lee, you helped me tremendously complete transcripts, and especially, course descriptions. Your ebooks are fantastic and have helped me for years! I especially love that you empower us to... Read More

Seven years ago, when my daughter was nearing the end of sixth grade, I attended a presentation for homeschool moms on how to keep records in high school. Your resources were highly recommended, and... Read More

My daughter is in 9th grade, and I will be using more of your products as we go along. We are seeing many of our homeschooling friends throw in the towel at High School, and part of that is the fear... Read More

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