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Washington State History Ideas

I recently sent out my quarterly Washington State newsletter, which mentioned (among other things) that state history is not a required subject in our homeschool law.  So many people have sent me some great information about Washington State History ideas, that I thought I should pass it along here!  I have permission to share these ideas.
Hi Lee—something that we have done for several years as part of our Washington State curriculum has been to go to the Washington State Corn Maze. It's up north of Seattle by highway 2, but well worth the trip. I believe that the web site is: It has grown quite a bit since we first started going there about 5-6 years ago. It is run by former teachers who saw inspiration in educating children in this fun way. The Maze is laid out in the shape of Washington with the trails being the roads of the state. What makes it so educational is that they have made signs throughout the maze that includes historical and interesting facts for the different cities and towns. Not only that, but they have also made it into a scavenger hunt for information. It really helps put perspective on where different events happened and is a great learning activity, especially for those kinetic learners. By the way, there is also a pumpkin patch, cut flower garden, a pig show, a barn maze, a bakery, concessions (on the weekends), a playground area, picnic area, a real grass mini-golf course, and a hay rack ride to the entrance side of the maze. For less exciting curriculum, the Children's Book Store in Kent has workbook type of activities, as well as a Washington State Bingo game.

--Sharon in Kent


Thanks for another great newsletter!

I do have a recommendation for Washington State History.  We used Our Northwest Heritage and Lights in the Northwest, both by Richard Hannula (  As is normal with homeschoolers, I picked and chose where to expand on his points, and where to choose to disagree.  As a supplement, my students used to look up additional data (its Washington-specific). It has a couple of particular "bents" that don't parallel our own points of view, but the kids knew that going in.

We tried a few others, and didn't really like them.  Lights in the Northwest is a collection of short biographies, while Our Northwest
Heritage covers Washington from its beginnings.  (Note: some glaring omissions included the Kennewick Man, but that's why we  supplement :-)).

I taught my own children using this (modified) curriculum, and have taught it in co-op situations.  While not something most students would read on their own, I heard nothing but positive remarks in the classroom.

In His grip,

Julie at


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Saturday, 23 January 2021

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