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Highlight on High School History

I think I retained almost NOTHING from my own public school education. I couldn't have told you within 100 years when the civil war occurred. I was so ill-prepared by my high school economics class that I failed economics in college. Now that my children are grown, they love history -they read about it for fun,can you believe it? Despite my lack of preparation, I realize that I was actually successful in homeschooling high school history. How? Let me show you!

I'm planning to Highlight on High School History to help you strategize to get this task done. I've invited some partners to help with your planning. Since I was planning to cover the topic for my Gold Care Club members anyway, this month you are invited to join me for this special club benefit, free of charge.

Please register for each class individually to attend! And share with your friends! Here are the classes and what you can learn! 

Teaching High School Social Studies with Confidence

by Ray and Charlene Notgrass of Notgrass History

Why do we need to know about history? Why should we study other cultures? How does the Bible relate to our understanding of social studies? How can parents teach with confidence? Ray and Charlene answer these questions and highlight some of the important people, events, and ideas that have shaped our world. Find out how to make high school much more rewarding than simply fulfilling requirements.

Ray and Charlene Notgrass are followers of Jesus and veteran homeschooling parents. They met at Middle Tennessee State University in the political science department. After graduating they were married in 1974. Ray went on to earn master's degrees in history and New Testament. Ray and Charlene are lifelong history lovers and began writing homeschool curriculum in 1999. Through their company, Notgrass History, they have written and published curriculum for students in elementary, middle school, and high school. They enjoy classic literature, traveling together, and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Raising Global-minded Children with a Heart for the World

by Sarita Holzmann of Sonlight Curriculum

The study of history and geography through living books provides your children a much needed framework to make sense of a world beyond their own backyard. It's hard for children, young adults and even adults to understand the impacts of the uprising and unrest that is broadcast on the world stage. However, raising children to think outside of their community, country and even their hemisphere through l​iving books opens their hearts to people from all walks of life. Join as Sarita Holzmann walks us through the importance of raising global-minded children and how reading great literature can help to raise children with a heart for the world.

A pioneer in homeschooling, Sarita Holzmann co-founded Sonlight Curriculum 27 years ago and has read and reviewed over 16,000 books (and counting) in that time. Her literature-based approach to homeschooling has proven to be a favorite for families all over the world. Sarita looks forward to helping even more families raise lifelong learners in the next generation. She is a happily married, veteran homeschool mom of four and grandmother to eight. Author of over 50 curriculum guides, she also blogs at sonlight.com/blog.

High School History Requirements and Solutions

by Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

What is the difference between history and social sciences? In this workshop, I'm going to help you understand how to teach high school history, no matter how much you know (or don't know) about the subject. It's your job to figure out what your state law requires and what colleges want. Then you somehow need to find a way to make sure it happens. Let's talk about why this is an important cornerstone of homeschooling. I'll explain the core requirements. We'll go over curriculum options, including how to incorporate delight directed learning. We'll talk about how to document your student's knowledge with tests. I'll show you how to describe your successes with carefully crafted class titles, and course descriptions. Please join me, and let me explain it easily for you.

The Gold Care Club includes a monthly members-only workshops on critical high school topics, that allows plenty of time to get your questions answered. This month only you are invited to join me for this monthly club benefit at no charge or obligation. Come and check out this great benefit of the Gold Care Club! Gold Care Club membership includes more than just a monthly workshop - though the continuing education is important. It also includes personalized support by phone or email, 5 recorded how-to training classes each month, arranged as quick start, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and encouragement. It also has special monthly features to support and instruct parents homeschooling high school: Ebook of the Month, Schedule of the Month, Course Description of the Month, Resource Pack of the Month, Convention Workshop of the Month and more! Click here for "no-more-tears" coaching and encouragement. Join this week and get $10/month off the membership price by using promo code 'gcc10' at checkout.

JOIN HERE – using promo code gcc10

I'll see you for class online soon!



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