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15 Reasons to Make a Homeschool Transcript

A homeschool transcript is part of your child's educational background that you will have to provide when you help them go through the college admissions process. When you homeschool, part of what you are signing up for is documenting your child's educational experiences. It's all part and parcel of the whole genie gig, as they say on Aladdin.

Some parents think that's not true. Sadly, I have seen the consequences of that perception. You see, when parents have a 28 year old who wants to go to college but needs a transcript, they call me for help. I know that it's tempting to think that today is the only situation that might require a transcript, but kids continue to grow up. Situations continue to change. Even if you don't need it until 10 years later, when your child finally wants to go to college, that transcript is important.

It's totally possible that just for today you don't need a transcript, but today doesn't last. You may need a transcript later. I'm not being short-sighted, mean, or domineering, I'm experienced ... I'm the voice of reason who has seen what happens when you don't make a transcript. Because you might need it later.

You NEED to make a homeschool transcript if:

  • You are homeschooling high school
  • You have homeschooled high school
  • You homeschooled your child and they graduated
  • Your homeschooler has ever changed their mind about anything

You WANT to make a transcript if:

  • Your child wants to go through the college admission process
  • You want your child to get college scholarships
  • You want to get the good student discount on car insurance
  • You want your child to stand out when they present their transcript to the college admissions process

You are NOT the exception. You need to prepare a transcript.

  • Even if you don't need the transcript the day they graduate
  • Even if your child has perfect test scores
  • Even if your child has or will have an AA degree from college
  • Even if your child plans to enlist in the military
  • Even if you unschooled through high school
  • Even if your child was in dual enrollment
  • Even if your child gets a job immediately out of high school

If you know you need to make a homeschool transcript for your child (and even if you're just figuring that out), I can help you. 

You may think that if you don't need a transcript now, you can just ignore it and pretend it will go away. But you know what? For every year that goes by, it becomes 10 times harder to make a homeschool transcript.

How would you feel, attempting to make a homeschool transcript ten years from now? I have helped a parent of a 28 year old with a master's degree, who needed a homeschool transcript to enter the PhD program. The parent of a 24 year old, who was applying for a new job needed a transcript. I have also helped a parent of a 21 year old unschooler who needed a transcript for college admission. As challenging as it might seem to make a transcript for an unschooler, won't it seem astronomically more difficult to make it three, five, or ten years from now?

One young homeschooler I know was denied admission to college, even though she had wonderful community college grades and had already earned an AA degree. Why? She failed to produce a homeschool transcript!

Homeschoolers can sometimes be denied college admission - did you read that? You need to prepare a homeschool transcript.

It's not so hard - even you can do it! It's just a piece of paper with words and numbers - and you can type! You have what you need to make it - you are reading this blog online now! You are the parent. You can do this!

Update your homeschool transcript every year. Live without regrets. Be prepared with paperwork, so you don't become the weakest link in your child's future. You want to look back and be glad that you homeschooled, not feel it was a mistake because you failed to make one measly little piece of paper with words and numbers on it - the homeschool transcript.

I'm sorry if I sound stern. This is the time of year when parents of 20-somethings are calling me in a panic. Let me help you avoid it.

Join me for my next FREE workshop! Learn how to create professional records that will convince colleges your student is worthy of admission and the biggest possible scholarships. 

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Friday, 18 June 2021

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