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I purchased your Total Transcripts Solutions and Comprehensive Records bundle and it was AMAZING! Our daughter was accepted into her one and only choice school WITH an amazing scholarship. I had been... Read More

I can’t tell you how much the Lord has used you over and over again to give me peace, direction, and confidence during my homeschooling journey thus far. My husband and I see so much value in your... Read More

You feel like a family friend walking alongside us on this homeschool journey. I am so grateful for your services. Thank you!

My daughter filed her first application yesterday! I had decided college was not for her until Aug 15th, when I was able to miraculously get a local SAT spot - the last one for 100 miles. We have... Read More

I have graduated two already and used your Total Transcript program. One daughter graduated debt free in May, the other is on track for similar results. My youngest is a Sr in high school this year... Read More

I first became acquainted with you 4 years ago when we first started homeschooling. Having spent a couple years in the public schools, moving to homeschooling was obviously a daunting task. I went... Read More

Our son, who you helped us with years ago (getting full-tuition scholarship) has graduated from medical school and is a 2nd year psychiatrist resident in Seattle. I always credit you with your great... Read More

Janice in Washington
Janice in Washington

Thank you for your recent help with my daughter’s transcript! The LORD is faithful to give us the help we need, and this time, YOU were that help! The college stated that with her excellent... Read More

Deborah Wuehler, Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
Deborah Wuehler, Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
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