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How to Make a Homeschool High School Transcript

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How to calculate credits
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How to calculate credits
I don’t recommend weighting grades unless your first choice college prefers weighted grades
How to calculate credits
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How to Make a Homeschool High School Transcript

If you ask a typical homeschool parent what was the scariest thing about homeschooling high school, I bet you’d find transcripts somewhere near the top of their list. I want to remove your fear of transcripts! Cue the “Mission Impossible” theme music now!

First, you need to know that grades and credits are the love languages of colleges. Colleges need to understand your child’s homeschool experience, and they need words and numbers. Your job as a homeschool parent is to take your normal and natural homeschool experience and translate it into words and numbers colleges understand. Don’t change the way you homeschool as long as it’s working. Instead, translate what you’re already doing into the language of college grades and credits, so they will understand and appreciate what you’ve done.

Second, recognize that all schools calculate grades and credits differently. This can help you feel more freedom, and less stress. If you believe there’s only one universal method used by all schools to define what makes an academic credit, here’s a little-known secret: even the experts don’t agree! In reality, there aren’t any hard and fast rules! Throughout my fairly exhaustive research into this topic, I found few things that all of the experts and books agreed upon when determining credit. 

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How To Give Grades

Some homeschoolers think it’s tons of fun to go back through four years of high school records and try to find or recreate every possible test, quiz, and assignment.

 I was not one of those people!

Don’t focus on tests, focus on learning.

When you give grades on your transcript, think beyond tests, and consider every way you have evaluated.
Your grade should include what your child has done, what they know, and what they have produced.

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Because not all homeschoolers use tests

 I have created a quick grading estimate for homeschool parents.

Grade A or 4.0:

Means mastery, and the child meet high expectations, has high test scores, the child loves the subject, or the parent is not annoyed with what the child has done.

Grade B or 3.0:

is good, but certainly not worth an A, or the parent is somewhat annoyed.

Grade C or 2.0:

is not very good at all, the parent is both annoyed and disappointed, but kept going onto the next level in the subject.

How to Calculate GPA

Here is a brief review of how to calculate homeschool GPA:


Assign each class a credit value, for example 1 credit.

grade points

Add all the grade points for all completed classes.


Assign each class a numerical grade, for example 4.0.

Divide the total

Divide the total grade points by the number of credits completed.

credit x grade

Multiply each class credit by the class numerical grade. This gives you the grade point for the class.

The answer is

The answer is the current grade point average.

Are you stuck about how to give beleivable homeschool grades?

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