• How to Homeschool During the Coronavirus

    How to Homeschool During the Coronavirus

    by Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

    Learn How to Be a Better Home Educator During the Covid-19 Crisis

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Learn How to Homeschool During the Coronavirus

"How to homeschool during the coronavirus" is a fast growing search term for parents seeking help since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. Parents, who are suddenly required to assume control of their children's education, are anxious to find reliable sources of homeschool information.

Whether you are new to homeschooling and in search of easy-to-implement ideas, or a seasoned veteran who needs some pro-tips, we have a great, free, homeschool convention for you.  We are actively adding new content to this convention so make sure to check back often. We will announce all new classes on our blog so if you haven't already done so, make sure you subscribe here.

Table of Contents

Lee Binz - Pandemic Plan for Homeschool High School

Lee Binz - College Visits During Coronavirus

Additional Pandemic Resources from The HomeScholar

Andrew Pudewa - Essay on Demand

Hal and Melanie Young - Middle School Madness

Lee Binz - Transcripts for Your Unique Child

Dr. Jay Wile - Homeschooling How and Why it Works

Recommended Resources

Pandemic Plan for Homeschooling High School

Pandemic Plan for Homeschooling High School

Educational uncertainty is rampant this season. Join me and I will explain the 5 steps required to ensure your success. You will learn why homeschool during a pandemic, how to plan high school courses, what high school tests to take and how to prepare, why delight-directed learning is more essential than ever, what records to keep and how your record keeping can make all the difference to the colleges, specific pandemic tips that will smooth your path. You don't want to miss this crucial training to get a solid homeschool plan in place this year. 
The Coronavirus and College Admission

College Visits During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Is the coronavirus causing you stress about making college visits? You aren't alone! Parents everywhere are confused about how a "normal" college visit can happen during the Covid-19 crisis. I can help! Please join me as I address this vital question head-on during a recent facebook presentation. Learn how you can bring a little peace and normalcy back to your homeschool. 

Additional Pandemic Resources from The HomeScholar

Here is some additional resources to teach you how to homeschool during the coronavirus lockdown. This will help if you learn better by reading than by video training. 

How to Homeschool Convention - Andrew Pudewa

Learn How to Prepare for College Entrance Exams

Help Your Students Prepare for College Admission Test Essays!

Are your students planning to take a writing test on a college entrance exam? Over the years, requirements for the tests have changed. Join Lee and Andrew Pudewa as they share what the graders are looking for, and offer advice on the best way for your students to prepare for the exam so they can approach the test with confidence.

Please join as Andrew and I unlock the mysteries of preparing for and performing on these timed admission test essays. Both you and your student will be able to overcome your "test anxiety" with the help of these proven strategies. 
Middle School Madness - Hal and Melanie Young

Learn How to Homeschool Middle School

Hal and Melanie Young are homeschool authors and gifted convention speakers, bringing an authentic message of practical encouragement for parents.  There seems to be something that makes middle school just plain hard, for nearly everyone - parents, teachers, and kids alike. How do you live through it? Is it possible to make the middle school years great? Join me as I welcome Hal & Melanie for ideas that work, real hope for navigating the preteen years, and ways to lay a foundation to make high school even better. If you have younger teens, this is great training for how to homeschool during the coronavirus lockdown.
How to Homeschool Conference - Lee Binz

Learn How to Create Transcripts for Your Unique Child

Don't change your homeschool to fit a 'college box! You can make a transcript even if your child is not in the center of the bell-shaped curve! Let Lee Binz show you how to ...

Create a transcript whether your child is gifted or struggling; artistically inclined or mathematically geeky.
Your transcript can be impressive regardless of how advanced or focused your child is. 

Create a transcript whether your child has been unschooled, or is bookishly earning college credit.
Wherever you are on the unschooling to classical continuum, you can create a believable homeschool transcript.

Collect credits from all styles of homeschool education.
Wherever you are on the classical to unschooling continuum, you can capture high school credits accurately and fairly.

Create a transcript even if your child has homeschooled their entire life or is a recent import from a public or private school.
Whatever their educational background, your child's transcript can perfectly capture their unique skills and individual life history.

Please join me and learn how to create a transcript for your unique child and help them stand out from the crowd of applicants.
How to Homeschool Conference - Jay Wile Talk

Homeschooling - How and Why it Works, with Dr. Jay Wile

Dr. Wile became involved in the homeschooling movement because of the excellent homeschool graduates he encountered while he was on the faculty at Ball State University. Over the years, he has followed the academic and professional literature to see how others have evaluated homeschooled students, and the results are clear: homeschooling works very well. This workshop is perfect for confident and skeptical parents and teens. This is the information you need to answer the naysayers, silence the critics, and convince the skeptics!
How to Homeschool During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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