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Homeschool Coaching Creates Calm and Confident Home Educators


The HomeScholar Gold Care Club Will Hold Your Hand Through Every Challenge You Face When Homeschooling Middle School and High School!

What People Are Saying About the Gold Care Club

"Again, just 20 minutes with you and I feel so relieved! This "high school" thing is gonna be alright! Thanks for the list of books. Reading is the love language of both of my boys also. So I truly appreciate this list to give me a foundation. The new school year is starting, and I am introducing folks to you left and right and hope that they jump on board, since your info has been priceless to me. I wanted to give you praise for your teaching me record keeping. Because of everything I learned from you, Jordan's evaluator was amazed by my record keeping, course descriptions, etc. Thanks for everything you do."

Anne in Florida
Happy Gold Care Club Customer

"Thank you so much for this info and for talking with me today. Your personal experiences that you shared with me, along with all the information, really helps a lot. Thanks for listening also. I tend to talk a lot, so it is refreshing to find someone who actually listens and thinks some of what I have to say is worth listening to. One thing during our conversation that I meant to mention was how valuable your information was on giving credit for high school courses when I don't use a curriculum. That is amazing to know. Knowing that is worth the whole price of your membership! Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble so, but thank you SO MUCH! I will keep in touch."

Jean in North Carolina
Jean in North Carolina

"Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful 3 months with you and your team. I have learned a lot and more I am at peace. Thank you is such a small word. I recommend you with pleasure. You were helpful and gave wonderful suggestions and advice. I truly wish we could walk a longer journey together but finances times are really hard in our country and in small towns like ours. Thank you for your husband + your team’s ethical ways of doing things. Rarely found these days. I shall keep suggesting you among our home-school society. Hopefully they will also be wise enough to get in contact."

Carleen in South Africa
Happy Coaching Member

Here is What Your Membership Includes!

  • How-to Training

  • How-to Training

    Five New Middle School and High School Training Classes Rotated Each Month Providing You Continuing Education as a Homeschool Professional.

    Your purchase includes over 7 hours of fresh training each month including ...

    - Quick Start Training covering the key elements to enable you to start with confidence.  to get started homeschooling middle school and high school,

    - Beginner Training to prepare you to homeschool high school like a champ,

    - Intermediate Training covering more challenging topics that will answer most of your questions.

    - Advanced Training tackling the toughest challenges faced by parents committed to homeschooling through graduation.

    - Encouragement Training providing you an uplifting pick-me-up as you work to improve in your chosen vocation of homeschooling high school.

  • Tools

    Tools and Templates You Will Need on Your Homeschooling Journey. 

    Critical documents in Word, Pages, and RTF format covering  ...

    - The HomeScholar Planning Guide to lay out everything needed during the 4 years of high school.

    - College Planning Calendar explains what to do each year of high school if your student wants to attend college after graduation.

    - GPA Calculator to help you understand how to calculate GPA for both letter grades and number grades.

    - Weekly Assignment Sheet to help you students' stay on track. 

    - Bonus Ebook on Becoming a Better Home Educator. 

  • Templates

    Critical Templates to Simplify High School.

    Your purchase includes my most popular templates for lightening your workload, including ...

    - The HomeScholar Record Keeping Samples to show you what scholarship-winning homeschool records look like.

    - The HomeScholar Transcript Templates by Subject and by Year. Use the same transcript templates we used to earn two full-tuition scholarships.

    - High School Resume Template to help your student get that first job in high school.

    - Report Card Template to provide your homeschool with a traditional report card so you aren't caught unprepared when asked.

    - High School Diploma Template provides you a way to document and formalize your successful completion of high school.

  • Homeschool Coaching

    20 Minutes Each Week of Personal Phone or Email Support Directly with Lee Binz, The HomeScholar. 

    - Email Support is any day of the week.

    - Phone Support is on Wednesdays from 9 AM to 3 PM Pacific. 

    - Email documents in advance if you wish to review with Lee.

    - Include your husband and/or teen on the call to discuss your challenges.

Additional Benefits and Bonuses

On Demand Q&A Webinar

Get a Handle on the SAT, ACT, and other Standard High School Tests

  • High School Testing: Workshop with Handout
  • High School Testing Chart
  • Supplemental Reading and Instruction

Special Monthly Features

My Favorite Homeschool Resources in One Spot!

  • The HomeScholar Planning Guide
  • Grading Criteria
  • GPA Calculator
  • The HomeScholar College Planning Calendar

Emergency Transcript Help

Free and Discounted Books

  • Free Book - "7 Secrets of Homeschooling through a Financial Storm"
  • $10 off - "Setting the Records Straight"

Homeschool Training Bonus

Lifetime Access to These Three Additional Courses

  • 30 Days of Free Access to my Continually Refreshed Parent Training Site, the Silver Training Club
  • Each additional 30 days is $27
  • Cancel Anytime

The Gold Care Club is About Access!

My name is Lee Binz and I'm the HomeScholar.  I have helped tens of thousands of customers over the years with my online products and tools and free training classes. There are additional tens of thousands that follow me closely on social media. I don't have time to personally support everyone who needs homeschool advice. (I tried that early on and it was ... ugly.)  My staff works very hard to help as many people as possible, but for sanity's sake, I need to reserve my time for my Gold Care Club members.

That's it in a nutshell ... as a Gold Care Club member, you will have access to me - a proven and respected homeschool high school expert - when you need it for all of your homeschool questions. I’m available to you to coach, encourage and support.  You will also have access to training courses and tips on the toughest high school questions. You will have access to some of the best resources on the internet that will assist you as you walk this challenging and rewarding path.

After homeschooling my own two children through high school, and spending over a decade helping other homeschoolers, I am here to tell you that you are capable of providing a superior education for your child! Unlike a certified teacher, I won't judge you or evaluate your child - I am the homeschool consultant that won't make you cry. 

I am here to come alongside you and help you homeschool through high school. You will be able to enjoy these high school years, treasure the memories, and see your child go on to college and career.


What Customers Are Saying About Lee

"I’ve been a Gold Care Club member for a long time and it has been invaluable to me. I wanted to thank you! Many people in my life would question how in the world a homeschooler could get into college. As I tried not to let those fears creep in, I was introduced to you. Your services, webinars and conferences as a Gold Care Club member helped me gain the confidence I needed. When college application time came, I freaked out! You were the voice of reason. I know The HomeScholar is your business, but honestly, it’s like a ministry as well. You have such a gift and such wisdom to help a frazzled homeschool mom gain the confidence she needs to homeschool high school. As I write this email, I have another high schooler that I am homeschooling. I can’t wait until I can get my membership going again I need you Lee!."

Jenn in Pennsylvania
Jenn in Pennsylvania

"It was so great talking with you today! Thank you so much for all of your advice, your time, and your encouragement. I am so excited to know I have someone so knowledgeable that I can go to for help with everything regarding homeschooling high school! The email you just sent my way today is a treasure trove. You really know how to listen and know what to recommend! I have already sent my son to look at the Computing Olympiad site. Thank you for all of the personalized links and advice. You are the best resource I’ve ever had! Wow! I will definitely “do my homework” this week, and I look very forward to talking with you again next Wednesday. Thanks again for everything."

Kim in Missouri
Kim in Missouri

"Thanks you for your time to advise and encourage me. You are definitely gifted in listening and also analytical skills. I consider every minute and dollar spent a worthy investment for me as well as our entire family. Thank you for choosing to use your gifts and talents and wisdom to help me. I am truly thankful to you! I also believe we have a lot in common and wished we lived near one another. Even though we’re not at the same seasons in life, it’s rare to find like-minded friends. It’s encouraging to hear how God directed your family as many of the decisions you made are theologically and philosophically similar to what I have or would like to do. May God continue to bless you in this great work of ministry!"

Sharon in Texas
Sharon in Texas

Imagine How Much Homeschool Coaching Will Help You and Your Family!

Even if you NEVER visited the Gold Care Club website and ALL you used was the 20 minutes of weekly telephone consulting, you would still be WAY ahead on your investment.  Think of what you can accomplish utilizing JUST the 20 minutes of free telephone consulting each week.

In just 20 minutes, we can:

Review a transcript

Get naming ideas for classes

Develop your homeschool plan

Plan for college applications

Answer a vexing problem

Get ideas for course descriptions

Discuss record keeping strategies!

Cindy in Washington keeps a "Lee Binz List" by her phone. As she thinks of questions during the week, she jots them on the list. Each Wednesday she calls and quickly runs through her questions, getting them all answered. Cindy says she LOVES her Gold Care Club membership!

Put Gold Care membership to the test. If you don’t find yourself brimming with new found confidence in your ability to homeschool high school, you can cancel at anytime by sending me an email. Regardless, you will have full access to the bonuses whether or not you stay a member of the club. There’s no way you can lose.

True confession. As I have added more and more value to the Gold Care Club, the membership price has increased over time.  So, make sure you join while the price is low and lock that price in for the future.

What Customers Think About Their Gold Care Club Membership

"Thank you so very much for your kind words....words of such wisdom and depth to me. I really can't take enough time to explain to you how I am thankful for all of your advice to me...and experience with so many other moms...and of course having experienced this yourself you truly "get" it. I appreciate all of the time it took you to reply to my thoughts. I didn't expect you to be so encouraging and even consoling to me. But your words are so very true. Thank you for affirming me that what I'm doing as valuable, that I am precious to God...and I know this...but I hold myself to a higher standard or something. Thank you for reminding me that I'm not 100% responsible for every single outcome my kids have, and for reminding me to take care of myself. I also look forward to gleaning more wisdom from you and thank you for your time with me!"

Julieanne in Washington
Julieanne in Washington

"Hi Lee, It's been ages since we've spoken, but I have been thinking about our family's homeschool experiences and of course, you came to mind! We would never have changed our decision to homeschool our three daughters, we would, however, signed up as a Gold Care Member, much sooner! The clear instructions you gave, was just what I needed prepare them for college/university admissions. Thank you! The days are long, the years are short, but the memories are priceless. Thank you for helping me be a better homeschool mum and for talking me down when I overreacted to a poor test results or was questioning my own ability to homeschool. You were right! Everything was fine. God has indeed, been very good to our family, and we are thankful! It's been so nice to see you on Facebook - and see how you're continuing to help homeschooling families! I know that they are as blessed by you, as our family has been. Have a great weekend! Blessings to you and your family. I am forever grateful."

Allyson in Canada
Allyson in Canada

"I knew I had to prepare transcripts for college admission, and my son had taken the SAT, but I knew NOTHING about what I should be doing to prepare for college admissions. I decided to purchase the Gold Care Club, learned loads about junior year and homeschooling high school through the Club and Lee's other materials, and was able to prepare a transcript, go to a college fair, visit colleges, and finish my course descriptions by the beginning of senior year. Having Lee to advise you and hold your hand as you navigate the process will ensure success, as long as you do your part. She's helped me with two boys now, and both have been accepted to the colleges of their choice with scholarships at each one. I encourage you to learn all you can from Lee's materials and take advantage of all the support she has for you for this year--you CAN do it!"

Ann in Connecticut
Ann in Connecticut

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the weekly consultations work?

    You have an opportunity for weekly consultations by email (any weekday) or by phone (on Wednesdays between 9 AM and 3 PM Pacific). You are not required to email or call every week (and most member's don't).  Unused consultations do not carry over from week to week or from month to month, and time can't accumulate for longer consultations.

  • How long am I committed to be a member?
  • How does your guarantee work?
  • Can you move in with my family?

Homeschool Coaching? Here's the Bottom Line

Homeschooling high school is the greatest educational gift you can give your children. They will be better prepared for college and for life because of the decision you made to give them this precious gift.

Yet, I suspect the greatest obstacle standing in the way of your decision to homeschool high school is a lack of confidence that you can do the job in a way that will give your children the preparation they deserve. 

The Gold Care Club will give you that confidence.  Along the way you will also enjoy encouragement, validation and community.  Homeschooling high school is a transformative experience in the life of a family.  It strengthens family relationships, solidifies cherished values, locks down critical knowledge and refines a child’s character.  Don’t let concern about your personal capabilities or your level of knowledge rob your family of these priceless gifts. 

Take control of the situation by partnering with me, a recognized homeschooling expert, and together we can help you stay on top of your high school plans and give you the confidence you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Leaving it All on the Field

Imagine 3, 4, 5, 6 years from now, when your child is accepted into the college of his or her dreams and everyone acknowledges it is because of the superior high school education you gave them.

At that moment, you'll be looking back proudly on the decision you made here today -- to get the support, encouragement and knowledge you needed to persevere -- as one of the wisest and most loving decisions of your entire life!

I encourage you to act now act now and live your life with no regrets.  In your heart of hearts, you know that homeschooling high school is the best decision you could ever make for your child and your family.  Today, I want you to commit to getting the help you need to smooth your path and make your dreams come true!
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