Free Transcript Webinar The "Nuts and Bolts" of Building Your Transcript

Homeschool High School Transcripts

#Homeschool Transcripts that Open Doors! @TheHomeScholarFree Transcript Webinar The "Nuts and Bolts" of Building Your Transcript 

You can learn the basics of building a transcript, including how to calculate grades and assign credit in this free one-hour training webinar. Sign up to get your free homeschool transcript webinar here.

Total Transcript Solution The "Do it Almost Yourself" Transcript Option

It's easy to make a transcript yourself, and I can help. First, purchase The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution. It comes with my definitive guide on homeschool transcripts, "The Easy Truth about Homeschool Transcripts. It's a pretty easy read in a conversational style. It will explain everything you need to know about making a high school transcript. With the purchase of the book, you will also receive templates in Word and Excel that you can use for free, giving you a wide choice of style for your transcript.

#Homeschool High School Transcripts @TheHomeScholar

The Total Transcript Solution comes with weekly 20 minute phone consultations with me for an entire month. As you make your transcript, you can email it to me each week for for feedback. There is plenty of time to work through all your transcript questions and "get 'er done!"

As part of the offer, you also receive a one-month trial membership to The HomeScholar Silver Training Club. The membership site has audio and video courses on college preparation and transcripts.

After the free month, the Silver Training Club is $27 per month. The video and audio courses change each month, and there are so many other downloads and support materials that I'm sure you'll love it and want to stay around for the benefits and support it can provide.

  Free Transcript Samples

Record your student's homeschool high school experience on your own Official Homeschool Transcript, by subject and by year. By providing your own transcript, you retain your status as an independent homeschooler, and you maintain complete control over your student's academic record. This is the documentation that colleges require of all high school applicants.

Full Transcript Service
#Homeschool Transcripts that Open Doors! @TheHomeScholar

I work with you to develop class titles, grades and criteria and then develop the complete transcript that will look like the samples. Each year I will then quickly and easily update your student's transcript for you. The finished Word document becomes yours to edit as you please. This is your transcript, it belongs to you. I'm happy to help you and provide suggestions, but you will have complete control over the transcript and any changes you decide to make.

Price: $350 for the first year
$250 for each additional year

Email the The HomeScholar to schedule an appointment to start your student's transcript.