It's easy to pull children out of school and begin homeschooling.  It's more challenging to go the other way.   If you have been homeschooling, you may have difficulty convincing a public or private high school to accept credits earned in your homeschool.

High schools don't have to accept your homeschool credits, and you can't MAKE them accept your credits. Create the transcript as you would for a college, but recognized that they have all the power. Accredited high schools will accept accredited homeschool credits.  Unaccredited high school may accept unaccredited homeschool credits.  It is entirely at their discretion.  The format of your transcript probably won't matter.

Ironically, colleges don't care so much about accredited or unaccredited transcripts.  They see transcripts from unaccredited high schools all the time and treat unaccredited homeschools much the same way.

I do have articles that will help:

This one explains homeschool accreditation.

And this one talks about how to move kids from homeschool to public school.

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