You Can't Do it All - Don't Bother Trying

News Flash! It's summer!

Be sure that you are getting the summer break that you need. And remember, as you think about the coming year, there are many good things you will need to say "No" to - and it's really hard to do that! It's like saying "no" to chocolate chip cookies when you are saying "no" to awesome curriculum or opportunities. But you literally can't do it all, and it could seem like you might die trying.

So instead, choose peace. That's what I did in my homeschool, and I'm glad for it. Now it's been 11 years, and I'm so thankful I made those hard decisions to keep school to a reasonable number of hours, so they could have the free and unstructured time that they needed - and I needed, too.

You know what lasts? Relationships - not Latin or grammar or doubling up on something for their own good. Yes, homeschooling is challenging, but at the same time it shouldn't be "kill me now" hard.  You know what I mean? I guess it's just like the perfect curriculum for kids is challenging not overwhelming, and the perfect sweet spot for homeschooling is challenging not overwhelming for parents, too!