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Who is the Best College Coach?

Preparing your child for college launch is more complex than it used to be. Desperate parents are increasingly turning to professional coaches that cost thousands. But, who is the best college coach? 

So, who is the best college coach? YOU are!

Our success in this area was not due to dumb luck, my children's brilliance, a college admission cheating scandal, or some freakish mind-control superpower that "persuaded" colleges to give them all that money.

No! Our success resulted from hard work! I became a student of the college admission process. I learned exactly what colleges wanted, and what we needed to give them, in order to get the college admission and scholarships we needed for success.

You can learn it now too - the easy way! Learning the secrets of a successful college launch will transform your life, the life of your child, and the life of your family in ways you won't even dare to let yourself dream right now. And I can help!

Join me for my free workshop, How to Be Your Child's Best College Coach.

How to Be Your Child's Best College Coach

April 29, 1pm (Pacific Time)

In this class I'm going to destroy the notion that college-bound kids need a college coach to be successful. We'll talk about what is a college coach and why they are important. I'll teach you how to be a perfectly adequate college coach first, with 7 ways you can guide your child confidently. Then I'll teach you how to be the BEST possible college coach for the ONE student you care the most about - your child! We'll talk you through the different methods of college coaches, and I'll help you embrace your role as the top-qualified college coach for your high school student. 

Please join me for this important class for parents with older teens. I am so excited to share this information. Our lives changed forever when our homeschoolers earned full tuition scholarships to their first choice university and successfully launch our children into adulthood, debt-free, with jobs and the ability to live independently right out of the gate. 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

April Gold Care Club Update
9 Tips to Earn More Scholarships


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Sunday, 13 June 2021

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