I'm working my way through Luke, and I was struck by the comment made by guards beating Jesus.
Luke 22:64
They blindfolded him and demanded, "Prophesy! Who hit you?"


I was thinking about what Jesus would have said about those guards, if he had chosen to speak.  What would Jesus say about a person?  Any person?  If Jesus would describe someone, what would he say?

Maybe he would describe the guards physical features, "The tall one" or "The short one" but it's certainly not all that he knew.  He knew every last detail about them.  He knew what regrets they had, who their parents were. He knew their hurts, and what a good day looked like for them.  He knew every moment of each life.  He knew everything that got them there.

Jesus knows our teenagers, too.  He knows every detail.  Everything we have done right or wrong for them.  Every hurt and joy.  If the Lord were to prophesy about our children, he could describe them in more detail that we could!

That's a good thing.  Because sometimes we have a hard time knowing our children.  They can change and mature so fast, it's difficult to keep up. But God knows who they are, what they are capable of, where they are going, how fast they will get there, and any detours along the way.

This Easter season, remember...the Lord sees our children much more clearly that we do.  That's why he tells us to never give up.  He sees the end result, and we can only see the now.


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