What is delight directed learning? And, how do you incorporate it into your child's high school career? 

 Delight directed learning occurs when a person pursues learning about a topic because they take great delight in it, not simply because it's a required course.

Delight directed learning requires time. Make sure to build margin into your homeschool so your student has time to explore what they really love doing. Cover the core classes and capture delight directed learning. 

Here's how to translate delight directed learning into courses on the high school transcript using the "Sticky Note Strategy" described in my article Delight Directed Learning.
1. Name the experience
2. Note the year it was done
3. Grade the experience
4. Note the credits earned, or hours spent
5. Consider subject areas
6. Arrange into affinity groups

You don't have to plan, direct, or evaluate delight directed learning - it just happens. You don't have to create tests or quizzes. Simply capture your child's learning. 

How do you incorporate delight directed learning in your homeschool?