My article "What If Your Kids Want to Go to Public School?" was recently published by, and it got quite a response!  I had an interesting email conversation with Julieanne that I wanted to share, because I thought others might enjoy the follow-up articles I suggested.  Thank you, Julieanne, for giving me permission to share your comments.


Thank you so much!   I read your article tonight called, "What If Your Kids Want to Go to Public School?"  Even though I'm a former public school teacher, and I do teach the Latin class just for homeschoolers, I do agree with your article, that too many "classes" outside of the home in the high school years can lead to disgruntled teens/young adults.

I'm planning to share that main point alone with my Latin class parents and students, telling them how our nice, well-behaved class is not the norm for schools, because I do agree with that.  In our area, most of them get placed into our local Christian school during the high school years, and within 3-4 weeks, they become totally peer-centered, antagonistic toward their parents, flirtatious, and walk away from the Lord.  After seeing several teen girls whom we highly respected and loved, turn that way within a matter of weeks, refusing to meet our eyes in the hallway at church and not wanting to talk with us at all, we decided then and there that our children will never be placed into our local Christian school, no matter how well-meaning the teachers are out there.

Thank you again for the permission to reprint some of your articles.  Much appreciated!  I especially like to post the high school articles there because once again, so little encouragement for the high school years is being offered in our area.
~Julieanne in Oregon

Dear Julieanne,
I do have an article that discusses these concepts as they apply to homeschool coops.  Here is the link:
Cooped Up in a Co-op?

Writing about co-ops is a very touchy subject for some, but at the same time I see it as a real "fad" these days.  Co-ops certainly fill a need in some situations, but in this environment I see parents using it as their default position, you know?

Here is another link that is specific to Parent Partnership Programs
Parent Partnership Problems "Love with Some Strings Attached"


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