What does the PSAT score really mean?


For many children, it's just a way to see how they compare academically to other children.  But since sophomores and juniors take the test, your score may mean something different depending on your child's level.  A sophomore taking the SAT is being compared to college bound juniors a year older, with a year more of math and a year more of every other subject.

The college board provides a chart for high school guidance counselors that can help you determine what the PSAT score means when you compare sophomores to juniors.  It's a little complicated to read, but if you really enjoy numbers and statistics, you could really dig it!

PSAT/NMSQT Percentiles and Mean Scores can be used to compare students’ performance with that of juniors and sophomores.

So remember, if your child takes the test as a sophomore, and the score appears to be below average. it may actually be better than average!


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