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What do You Need to Homeschool High School?

what do you need to homeschool high school

What do You Need to Homeschool High School?

You need to be courageous

It takes some courage to step outside the box, but there is no need to fear. Homeschooling provides the best academic preparation, the best learning environment, and the best career preparation. Homeschooling high school provides statistically-proven results that surpass public and private school options.

You need to know simple keys for success

It takes some time to learn what makes homeschoolers successful. Simple tips make a huge difference. If you have been homeschooling and what you are already doing has made you successful, then take these methods with you into high school. Most importantly, invest in your weaknesses. Whether they include your child’s weakness in math or your lack of confidence, focus your time and money on your weaknesses as you plan to homeschool high school.

You need to provide college preparation

You need to understand college preparation and provide your child with a college prep education, regardless of how likely or unlikely college may seem for your child. You see, teenagers change their minds. You've seen it happen, perhaps even with yourself as a teenager. Even the most unlikely student can end up in a university. Because any student may end up in college later on, always be prepared with college prep classes.

You need to keep high school records

Begin keeping good records right from the beginning of high school, and continue updating them constantly. Every year, update your child’s high school transcript. While it's just a piece of paper, it's critical to meet college and career goals. Write course descriptions every year as well, so you can back up that transcript with documentation. To create records, you need to learn about high school record keeping early on, preferably in junior high, before ignorance and fear prevent you from keeping good records from the start.

You need to understand high school tests

High school is filled with scary-sounding acronyms such as: PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and CLEP. Your goal is to understand these acronyms and plan ahead for important tests. Every child can be successful with a little advance planning, and understanding tests can help you become the best possible guidance counselor for your child. Careful planning can help you reduce your workload and increase your child's test scores when you replace standard curriculum with test prep materials in the upper grades.

You need to foster the love of learning

Children can develop a love of learning. In high school, it becomes even more important to encourage delight directed learning. Including the child's interests is how kids learn about college majors and careers. Delight directed learning provides the trial and error experience needed to learn what they may want to do (or don’t want to do) in their adult life. It provides experiences to use in college and job applications. And colleges love to see unique classes on the transcript that make an applicant really stand out.

You need to guide the college admission process

Homeschool parents are the best guidance counselors, but it does take some conscious effort. Applying to college is approximately a two year process. Junior year is spent finding a college where your child wants to apply. College applications should be completed one year before your child wants to go to college, early in the fall of senior year. Unless you want to pay full price for college, starting the application process in September of twelfth grade is your best strategy for earning scholarships.

Where you might get stuck

Now you have the answer to, "What do you need to know to homeschool high school?" But after consulting with many thousands of parents, I know there are 5 places where you might get stuck. Grab my free ebook below, so you can avoid the common traps and pitfalls. Be prepared to homeschool high school! Grab the information and resources you need to be ready and capable for the next stage of homeschooling. Click here or on the image below for your instant download!

What do you think is the most important thing you need to homeschool high school? Please share!

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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