Occupational Education is not often listed by colleges as a required course. However, it can sometimes be required by states for graduation. But what IS Occupational Education? Unless your state specifies it, you're often left on your own to figure it out. It's often considered an elective, so it can be easiest to follow your child's interests when planning this course. Sometimes this class will look like a general introduction to office or computer skills, including using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, keyboarding, etc.

An easier strategy is to just wait until your child gets a job. After all, at some point most kids really want to start earning money. Anything they do that earns an income may qualify as Occupational Education. All the babysitting, yard work, odd jobs, or work with an employer can count toward the class. Like other electives, it's sometimes easiest to keep a list of what they do, and how many hours they spend on each task. You can determine credit value by counting the total number of hours they spent on those activities, and then voila! You have an Occupational Education credit!


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