We had such an AMAZING response to our blog contest.  As you might recall, our contest question was:

"How will creating an AMAZING transcript
help my child achieve their dreams?"

We had over 60 responses and they ranged from over-the-top creative to matter-of-fact statements.  All were heartfelt and sincere.  After much deliberation (and some debate) we are giving the prize to  Morgan!  Her entry was a heartfelt request for a Christmas present for her mother, Ellen.  Morgan wins the 4-Step Total Transcript Solution.  Here is what Morgan wrote:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Binz:

My desire is to have a career that not only meets my needs, but also the needs of others. Because my future success is based on my education, attending college is important to me.  I feel that God is calling me to make a difference by pursuing my dream of becoming a pediatrician.  A well-written transcript will be a determining factor of whether or not I can achieve my goal.  This being the first time that my mom has ever sent a child to college, I am sure this tool would be just what she needs to make what may seem like a daunting task a positive experience.  (I would like to give her this for Christmas.)

Morgan (submitted through my mother's e-mail with my dad's help)

Congratulations to Morgan and her mother Ellen, and a HEARTY thank you to ALL who participated.  It was a ton of FUN!!!


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