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Top Secret Tips for Winning Early Responder Bonuses!

OK, well not TOP Secret ... but tips for you, my faithful blog readers. As you know, we launch the Gold Care Club in less than two days. There are cool bonuses that will go out to the first SEVEN people who order at noon on Tuesday 4/21. The only problem is ... LOTS of people will be trying to get through.  Well here's a tip for you; there are several stages for the purchase and here is a way to move through them quickly.

  • As you are waiting for the moment of launch (noon, Pacific time), be pushing your refresh button often. You will know it is the live page because it will say "The HomeScholar Gold Care Club is Live NOW!. Page down once or twice until you see the first big Join Button. Hit it.

  • First is the "setup your user name and password stage". One key is to ALREADY know your user name and password when you get there. In other words, don't pause to think of one, and don't forget to enter the password confirmation.

  • Second is the "enter your payment information stage." First enter your zip code. Next is the credit card number. This is the most important step because credit card information can be hard to read and type accurately, especially under a time pressure. Here's a tip ... have your credit card number written down in Notepad or Word and just cut and paste it, that way you won't have to worry about messing up! Next, enter the credit card expiration date and validation code. Make sure to check the "I agree to payment terms..." on the bottom. Hit "PAY NOW."

  • Once payment is approved you will get to the "Complete your Order" stage. Don't even pause here, just click the button and you're done.

That's it. Once complete, your order is official and your position will be recorded on ClickBank. You will then be taken to the thank you page. Take a deep breath and relax. On this page, I have a little surprise for you. It's a "one-time offer" with a very special price on one of my most popular products. You don't have to rush through this page because your order has already registered. Take a look at that offer. If you decide to purchase you will be taken to another shopping cart page to complete the order. There is NO RUSH! For this special, one-time-offer I am waiving shipping charges for US residents, for an even a better deal. Remember, this offer will be one-time only, so if you click the "Close" button it will be gone forever.

Once you have decided on the one-time offer you will be taken back to the "Thank You" page. From there you can log into the Gold Care Bonus download page and see your bonuses and then access the Gold Care Club site. Please remember to write down your user name and password so you remember. The log in is "case sensitive" so be careful.

Anyway, these tips will give you an edge for ordering. It is my way of thanking you for reading my blog! For more information on the Gold Care Club, go to my offer page here.


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Friday, 18 September 2020

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