What Colleges Really Want is Demonstrated Interest
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Top 20 Tips from 2017

These are my best blog posts about college admission and scholarships over the past year. Make sure you save and pin them!

Pre-calculus and calculus won't help your child with the SAT or ACT. Learn what else isn't included on the test.

If you have a junior, here is a collection of essay prompts for college application essay practice.

You don't have to save it all but you do need to save official homeschool records. My tips on saving them so you don't lose them.

If your child is working through Saxon Advanced Math, here's how to record it on their high school transcript.

Learn which ACT scores are more likely to get your child scholarships.

These 35 reasons your child may not be motivated can help you get to the cause and make the changes needed to fix the problem.

Three simple writing prompts to help you write your course descriptions quickly and easily.

Solutions to get your unmotivated teen going.

Ideas for getting your kinesthetic child moving while they learn.

Three tips from a mom whose child was offered $232,000 in scholarships!

Get the seven easy steps that will help you avoid tearing your hair out.

Is your child goofing off and not getting work done? Hold a morning meeting to keep them accountable.

Many college admission tests such as the SAT and ACT require a homeschool code. Refer to this handy list the next time your child is taking a test.

It's okay to make mistakes when you're jotting down homeschool records. I did.

Mimic test taking conditions to prepare your child for taking the SAT or ACT with a homemade test packet.

You don't need a curriculum to cover home economics in your homeschool. Here are some ideas.

Your child can still look attractive to colleges without good test scores. Here's how.

You don't have to choose a homeschool fussy college. Many colleges are homeschool friendly.

There are many options for handling failed grades at homeschooling. Let's talk about how to cope.

Don't be caught off guard by colleges wanting mid-year grades. If you have a senior, it's time to send colleges your mid-year grades!

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

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