Top 10 Take-Aways from The College Launch [Virtual] Convention

Parents and teens loved the free convention classes last month! The response was so phenomenal in these courses, I have identified a huge need in the homeschool community, and I'm preparing a new solution to help parents successfully launch their teens into college and life. It is coming soon and you can get more information here:

These are my favorite tips that I wrote down during the presentation last month. If you attended, can you share your top tips in the comments please?

1. Take notes by hand
Studies show that handwriting will help you retain more than taking note on a computer

2. The syllabus is the critical document
Read every word and put the information on your calendar on the first day of class

3. Attend church within the first 3 weeks
Teens need to attend a church or faith event within the first 3 weeks or starting college, or the student is more likely to fall away from the faith.

4. College is a full time job
Treat it like a 9-5 pm job, knowing that your classes are like "meetings" you must attend as part of your job.

5. Speed reading increases comprehension
Speed reading can get information into your brain: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and hydration are how you get information OUT of your brain.

6. TRIAC is "The Swiss Army Knife" of Essay Writing
The TRIAC Paragraph: topic, restriction, illustration, analysis, and clincher.

7. Don't panic: homeschoolers have the advantage
Homeschoolers are significantly better prepared for university than publicly or privately educated students and have a higher first year GPA, higher 4th year GPA, and higher 4 year graduation rate.

8. Avoid distracting technology
Turn OFF your phone when you start classes for the day, and don't turn it on until classes are done for the day.

9. Your ideal career includes what you love to do
Your ideal career is where your interests, skills, and the market intersect. You can learn a skill and find a market, but you have to have the passion first, then connect it to making a living.

10. Struggling learners get accommodations
Teens with learning challenges can get help with the SAT or ACT, and can get help in their college classes with accommodations.

We had so much fun with the convention! Abby said "These webinars are better than any homeschool conventions that I have been to in my state!"

Share your top takeaways in the comments please. I'd love to hear what you thought about the convention!