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[Free Book] Homeschooling the Holidays

The 12 Days of Christmas Teaching Tips

Master my best teaching tips this Christmas!

Holiday seasons, especially between November and January, are busy times. Celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Hanukkah, and more seem to tumble on top of each other, with no time in between. For many homeschoolers, it seems that any idea of homeschooling just goes out the window during these times. Is it even possible to stay sane and continue to homeschool, even a little?! 


Let me give you just one small tip each day, to help you feel like you are doing the important work of homeschooling even during the busy month of December. Enjoy a quick homeschool tip, and grab the coordinating resources and deals if you want more information! 

And can you do me a favor? This holiday, will you please make a gingerbread house with your children? I regret not making more gingerbread houses when my children were little. Although truth be told, I don't think they actually LIKED making gingerbread houses.

Inside this free ebook, you'll learn specifics about all of these helpful tips!

  • ​Teaching Tip #1: Learn to Give Gifts that Pay for College
  • Teaching Tip #2: Enjoy Christmas Schooling
  • Teaching Tip #3: Plan for High school Success
  • Teaching Tip #4: Encourage Delight Directed Learning
  • Teaching Tip #5: Learn High School Record Keeping
  • Teaching Tip #6: Keep Reading and Award Lists
  • Teaching Tip #7: Become a Great Guidance Counselor
  • Teaching Tip #8: Research College Applications
  • Teaching Tip #9: Discuss Options After High School
  • Teaching Tip #10: Learn How to Find a College
  • Teaching Tip #11: Find Scholarships that Earn High School Credit
  • Teaching Tip #12: Plan to Get Big Scholarshs
AND, as a bonus, I've included the 12 Days of Christmas Special Bonus sales and discounts at the end of the book! How can you go wrong?

Hurry! Get your copy of The 12 Days of Christmas today!​

Merry Christmas!



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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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