Some things that are better than all A's, more important than AP Classes, and massively more impressive than a perfect ACT score. Go pull your students in for these teen tips for college and career success!

Teens, are you stressed out trying to get perfect classes, the best electives, the hardest classes, and outstanding grades? There is no substitute for hard work, of course, but there's an easier way to get ready for college and career success

You and your teens need to know these simple tips for success in any job or career. That's why I've written this book of practical advice to help your teens thrive in college and career. (They are reading along with you, right?) It's perfect for 10th through 12th graders. You and your teens will learn the 10 critical C's that all adults must master, whether they plan to go to college, apply for a job, or become an entrepreneur.

Teen Tips for College and Career Success
Learn Why 10 C's are Better Than All A's or APs

I'll talk you through the 5 fundamentals of the college launch: finding a college, paying for college, applying to college, preparing for launch, and tips for success in college and career. Then I'll explain the 10 critical C's of college and career - and why they are more important than having all A's or a dozen APs. This book provides up-to-date strategies and tips to help you stand out as a student, or employee, of great potential and value. 

Graduation is just the start of your next great adventure, and this small book will get you started on your next great adventure!  

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