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Technology Addiction and the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Every once in a while, I'll run across a parent that says "My child is struggling with a gaming addiction" or other tech-related addiction. Often, these parents will say, "She's very bright, but cannot apply herself because of this issue" or "his behavior has changed so much since he's been using excessive tech." Technology addiction is real. Have you read my book on Amazon? TechnoLogic: How to Set Logical Technology Boundaries and Stop the Zombie Apocalypse 

Need to get serious about technology in your home? Get my free training, Prevent the Zombie Apocalypse! Set Technology Boundaries with Teens. You'll find tips and strategies for setting effective boundaries in your home, plus more!

For parents, it often boils down to a heartfelt, heart-breaking, "HELP!"

Technology addiction and overuse is an issue that I'm so passionate about! It's a huge problem, and there are no easy answers. In serious cases, counseling and outpatient rehab facilities may be required, so it's not something to take lightly.

It does feel like a zombie apocalypse is coming, doesn't it? When you watch those kids stumbling forward, holding their phone, that's what I think of: zombies. I have a grouping of articles and a 6 hour class that I can provide at no charge. I recognize, however, that there are simply no easy answers.

Technologic: Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens
Article: TechnoLogic: Setting Logical Boundaries on Technology with Your Teen
Article: Balanced Technology in Home Education
6 Hour Free Video series: Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens with handouts, and audio downloads, so you can listen in the car

For more information, I've written a book on the topic, which includes expert interviews from parents, counselors, and homeschool families on the front lines of technology addictions. Misuse of technology is a real and present danger that can lead to a zombie apocalypse in your home. This eye-opening book offers hope for parents battling the technology monster. Learn how to deal with the harsh reality of technology, and technology addiction, in your home and how to set technology boundaries for healthy and happy children and teens.

The problem can be more severe than you can imagine, as technology is as addictive as crack. You can find more information from a nature-based treatment center. It has marvelous resources and information: Net Addiction Recovery. Or, if you feel that it's time to take serious steps, there is an online counselor and parent coach you can talk to. Here is her contact information.

Kim McDaniel, M.A. Online Counselor
Thrive Professional Coaching: expert parent coaching in the comfort of your own home
*Gaming Addiction*School Refusal*Social Anxiety*Communication Problems*Life Transitions*
Contact: (425) 208-1385 or

This Free Video series: Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens includes 6 hour series of 3 videos with handouts, and audio downloads, so you can listen in the car

Parenting has always been challenging, but these days, one of the hardest parts of parenting involves navigating around ever-changing gadgets and technology. Whether dealing with phones, tablets, computers, social media, or video games, parents may need help managing this new electronic environment. Like brushing their teeth and eating their vegetables, kids need to know why healthy media habits are important. I encourage you to start having those tough talks now. 

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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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