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Homeschool Testing - How Much Weight?

Homeschool Testing - How Much Weight?
How much weight should you give to a homeschool test?  As much as you like!
I really learned tons from your seminar.  I especially used your "example" transcript - that was valuable for reasons I wouldn't of thought of until I was in the middle of creating one for our oldest.  Is 25% of the grade weighted to tests (math, science) appropriate?
~ Carla in Washington

Dear Carla,

Here is my homeschool transcript online.  Here is a sample of my homeschool grading criteria online.

I think weighting 25% is fine.  Homeschoolers have a LOT of flexibility.  I decided to weight mine in thirds for most subject; 1/3 what I made them do, 1/3 what they did, and 1/3 tests.  Truthfully, I think I did it that way because I only had room for three columns!  For science, I weighted mine 50% test and 50% labs.   I did it that way because we used Apologia, and there were SO many labs and SO many tests that it seemed like plenty of evaluation to me.

Lots of teachers will have very complicated grading criteria with formulas, points, and scales of all different sorts.  When I talk to homeschoolers, I'm struck by one thing.  A homeschooler's gut instinct about the grade for their child is always right on, no matter how complicated their grading process.  For that reason, I'm a big fan of simplifying.  So yes, demonstrating how you arrived at a grade can be very helpful, but I don't think you have to be overly complicated.

Learn a LOT more about how to translate all those great homeschool high school classes into the words and numbers that colleges will understand --  The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution.
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Uh Oh!  I'm busted!  I was seen at a Weight Watcher's meeting by a subscriber.  How embarrassing!  I have visited this Weight Watchers with some homeschooling friends before, and I won't name any names (you know who you are!)  But this is the first time someone from the newsletter has recognized me there.  I guess I may as well just spill the beans.  I'm plump.  I would like to be LESS pleasingly plump in the future.  I pay my fee.  It helps me to not gain weight.  Sometimes I even lose some pounds!  I enjoy the meeting and the fellowship.  You know that advertisement about how "membership has its privileges?"  That's how I feel when I go to Weight Watchers.  People there understand me and my concerns, and we can talk about the issues I care about.  I get the information I need to make good choices.  Sounds like fun! (Unless you're plump, like me, that is!)

It's very similar to my idea for a HomeScholar Membership site.  I'm hoping it will provide the support that homeschoolers need, in terms of personal support as well as information services.  You'll hear more about "The HomeScholar Gold Care Club" when you read the information emails about my book, "The Easy Truth about Homeschool Transcripts."  The Membership site will provide individualized help through extended office hours, expanded email support, templates and resources, and a variety of parent education training online.  I hope it will really meet a need among parents homeschooling high school.

Being plump is a pain.  I can tell you, though, that I am MUCH MUCH THINNER on audio courses than on video courses.  I highly recommend my audio courses just for that reason!  Sadly, I know that many parents are visual learners, and that's why I also provide support in a video format.  I'm working hard to "lighten up" a bit before I record my next DVD!

I'm counting the days until my e-book launch on December 13 at noon (Pacific time.)  Make sure you read EACH email from me over the next week to get ALL the exciting details!!
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