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Webinar Recording: Strategies for Maximizing the High School Years

Webinar Recording: Strategies for Maximizing the High School Years

Webinar Recording: Strategies for Maximizing the High School Years

Recently, I had fun helping answer questions for an Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) webinar called "Strategies for Maximizing High School." Would you like to watch the recording?

You can watch Andrew Pudewa (Institute for Excellence in Writing) and Woody Roberston (CollegePlus) as they share salient points on this important topic and answer your questions on writing, thinking, and speaking.

Watch the Strategies for Maximizing High School recording here. (Feel free to share this link!)

Download the webinar slides here.

In the course of the evening, I saw these two sweet comments come through when Andrew Pudewa was introducing me.
Emily Pitman: "I recommend Lee's resources to everyone. To my chaos she has given a great outline! Thank you, Lee!"

Katie Lehmann: "Mrs. Binz - you have been exceedingly helpful in my own parental 'can do' feelings relating to high school transcripts. I saw you in VA. It was very inexpensive and highly impactful."

If you need help with transcripts, I have three ways to help you.
Free class: Grades, Credits, and Transcripts
Online program: The Total Transcript Solution
Paperback book: Setting the Records Straight

During the presentation I was typing like crazy, helping out with the questions about transcripts. Fun stuff! I hope you enjoy the recording!




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Newbies Make EXCELLENT Homeschool Parents

Newbies Make EXCELLENT Homeschool Parents

Newbies Make EXCELLENT Homeschool Parents

Parents new to homeschooling, listen up! You and your spouse can be EXCELLENT homeschool parents, regardless of your skills, because you LOVE your child. That's what ensures your success. You want them to do well, and if you have a weak area, you can find resources for that. But because you love your child, you will be motivated to find those resources. A school teacher might not be as motivated to see an individual child succeed, because they have to focus on the entire group of children.

Christian parents, consider scriptural reasons why you can be an EXCELLENT homeschool parent.
Psalm 139:13-16 - Your child was given to you and was made for your family, so God knows you are the perfect person for this job.

Philippians 4:13 - You are capable. You can do ALL THINGS, even this.

1 Peter 4:8 - Love covers a multitude of sins. Even when things go wrong (and it will) your child will still be OK.

John 2:7-8 - Jesus gives step-by-step instructions for doing hard things. He doesn't command the end results (He will take care of that) but gives us nice, small, manageable steps.

Your abilities will not necessarily limit your ability to homeschool. Homeschoolers can be successful regardless of their culture or academic background. If you want to see statistics, and scientific reasons why this is true, you may want to look at this free class.

 Homeschooling - Why Homeschool Works with Dr. Jay Wile

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Free Webinar and Ebook!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Free Webinar and Ebook!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, and enjoy the love of your family!  I have a gift for you: a free webinar and ebook, Taking the Mystery Out of the ACT and SAT!


This is a FREE full length class, PLUS Ebook for you to print and save.
Many parents get stressed by the college preparation process, but you don’t need to! Join me and Andrew Pudewa from theInstitute For Excellence in Writing as we share the secrets of successful test preparation.

In the first half of this webinar, I explain the differences between the SAT and ACT, and how to choose the right one for your student. We explore why homeschoolers have the advantage when it comes to these tests, and then discuss practical tips to help your student prepare for Test Day.

In the second half, Andrew explains powerful concepts behind successful essay writing, including specific components of high-scoring essays. This is a real meat-and-potatoes class filled with useable information. If you have a student who plans to take these tests, you won’t want to miss this information- packed webinar!

We also developed a companion ebook that covers the same material but the Ebook contains lots of helpful links, so you can dig deeper into the subject.  This is one ebook that you will want to print out for future reference.

Get your free webinar and ebook, and start preparing today for test success!

PS.  You can find ALL my free resources here! HomeScholar Freebies
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Free Live Training Webinar on February 19th

Free Live Training Webinar on February 19th
Join The HomeScholar for a free LIVE presentation!

“A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits and Transcripts” will give you the information and confidence you need to succeed in creating AMAZING homeschool transcripts that the colleges will LOVE! There will be lots of time to get your high school record keeping questions answered by an expert!

Everyone who registers will receive an audio recording of the class, so while we are together you can just sit back and soak in the knowledge, store some of it in your short-term memory, knowing that you will be able to review the information at your convenience.

This online class will be on Tuesday, February 19 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.
Hawaii-Aleutian....3:00 PM
Mountain.............. 6:00
Central .................7:00
Eastern ................8:00


Register TODAY for free! 

Plenty of time to ask questions and lots of fun prizes! Feel free to share with your friends!

Gain confidence! Get questions answered!
Learn the easy way to calculate grades and credits!

The HomeScholar’s Total Transcript Solution will take the fear out of homeschool transcripts! 
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Free Homeschool Transcripts Webinar with Lee Binz and Andrew Pudewa

Free Homeschool Transcripts Webinar with Lee Binz and Andrew Pudewa
Recently I gave a webinar on homeschool credits, grades and transcripts for the Institute for Excellence in Writing with Andrew Pudewa.

It was wonderful to meet online with a new group of parents, and it was SO fun to talk with Andrew. What a wonderful laugh he has! During the course of the webinar, we were chatting about the different ways to determine a grade. He shared his opinion, and I thought it was so funny that I just HAD to share it!

Grades according to Andrew Pudewa of IEW
A is "Accepted"
B is "Better do it again"
C is "Come on!"
D is "Duh!"
F is not an option

The webinar was lots of fun, and very educational for homeschool parents. If you would like to see the webinar yourself, The Institute for Excellence in Writing is providing it free and posted on their site. Here is the direct link to the homeschool credits, grades and transcripts webinar.

I think you'll LOVE it, and the Question and Answer session at the end will also be very helpful.

Thanks to Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker at the Institute for Excellence in Writing, for having me speak to their group!

Our monthly newsletter comes out on the first of every month. Sign up for your free monthly newsletter here.
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Giving Gifts That Pay for College

Giving Gifts That Pay for College
Giving Gifts That Pay for College - Free Webinar!

Instead of using the old "Toys R Us" strategy of looking through catalogs o brain-dead products, consider getting gifts that feed the flames of your child's special interests, and gifts that make high school easier for you AND for your children!

Last month I had a webinar called "Giving Gifts that Pay for College."   We were able to record that webinar, and we would love for you to have this class for free!

Grab the handout first, and then watch the class and learn how you can get money for college simply by giving your family members what they truly want for Christmas!  The handout provides:

1. Articles about specialization
2. Gifts that encourage specialization
3. Gifts that encourage specialization
4. Gifts that fuel a love of learning
5. Gifts that help parents cope
6. Gifts for Home-Based Businesses
7. Gifts that help parents homeschool high school
8. Gifts that teach about scholarships
9. Gifts that teach about homeschooling college

Learn how specialization is something you can invest in, and 8 gift categories that can help defer college costs!

Giving Gifts Handout

Giving Gifts Webinar

Do you enjoy these daily doses of high school homeschool wisdom?  Sign up to get them delivered via email or reader!
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Homeschool Convention Envy Solution

Homeschool Convention Envy Solution
Why can't there be any good conferences near ME?

There are!  No matter WHERE you live!

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Homeschool High School - Where Do I Sign Up?

Homeschool High School - Where Do I Sign Up?
I encourage parents with young children to sign up for my free monthly newsletter . Every month, when you see the phrase "homeschooling high school" it will strengthen and encourage you. By seeing that title, I hope to remove your fear of homeschooling the upper grades.  Then, by the time your children are old enough for high school, it will seem like the next normal step to take! That way you can listen to your heart instead of listening to your fear - and you will make a decision without regrets.

One mother of young children has been on my list for years.  She asked a question for my blog:  where do I start and what do I start with?
Dear Lee,

We loved your Homeschooling Works Webinar. I've shared it on my facebook page and encouraged a mom who was feeling "outdone" by her daughter's public school peers to listen to it as well. I've posted it on the Sonlight forums! Hope they enjoy it as much as I did. My son is only ten, but we are really grateful Lee, to have you out there for when we are ready for your service here in the next year or two.

I have a question for you. My son just began fifth grade. I first heard of you and signed up for your emails when he was in third grade, just so I wouldn't forget about your service before I needed it. Well, just recently I have started reading your blog and I'm getting a feel for your methods and ideas, but I want to know at what age/grade is it wise to start using some of your products, and with what product should I start?

Thank you,
Anna in Texas

Dear Anna,
I encourage parents to spend 6th-8th grade learning about high school, so they feel confident and prepared BEFORE they start high school.  That cuts down on the "panic-and-bail" problem.  It also will give them the opportunity so spent 9th-12th learning about college admission and scholarships, so they can get into the best colleges with the best financial aid.  When parents start early, it almost guarantees success.

For beginners, I often recommend the video Preparing to Homeschool High School as a great starting place.

If you have a specific question about transcripts, then my book Setting the Records Straight is a good starting place, but some parents get stressed thinking about grades and credits.  That's why I like starting gently, with the Preparing to Homeschool High  School video instead.

I do have a section on my blog for help with middle school questions. It may help as well!

Thank you! I think what you are doing here is important work, and I'm sure others are wondering the same thing that I was. I will be relying on you heavily in the years to come. Just don't go anywhere in the next 7-8 years!!!
~ Anna in Texas
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Free Webinar: Credits and Grades and Transcripts, Oh My!!

Free Webinar: Credits and Grades and Transcripts, Oh My!!
Please join us for a very special webinar this Thursday!  This free webinar will take the mystery out of determining high school credits and assigning homeschool grades.  Also, learn an easy-to-implement option for creating an amazing homeschool transcript.  Find out how to make a transcript that will save you loads of time, money and frustration - AND impress the colleges!

Title:         "Credits and Grades and Transcripts! Oh, My!!"
Date:         Thursday, December 3, 2009
Time:         9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Space is limited!  Reserve your Webinar seat now!

This webinar is going to deliver some amazing content.  People who watch for the full hour will get valuable insider tips on how to win Early Responder Bonuses when we launch the Total Transcript Solution on Thursday, December 3 at Noon Pacific Time!

The deadline for our blog contest giveaway is tonight.  The response has been tremendous to this offer.  Don't miss out.  Win a copy of The HomeScholar Total Transcript Solution!
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