Homeschool: Freedom to Tailor Education

Homeschool: Freedom to Tailor Education
Homeschooling is successful because we can tailor education to the needs of our own child , giving them information in a way that makes sense to them. Homeschooling works because we are highly motivated by love to work for the ultimate success of our...
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Total Transcript Solution Review by Laura Delgado and TOS

Total Transcript Solution Review by Laura Delgado and TOS
Total Transcript Solution Review by Laura Delgado and The Old Schoolhouse® Product & Curriculum Reviews "Lee Binz is quite literally the first and last name in homeschooling high school. If you haven't heard of her, my guess is that not only have...
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5 Reasons Marcy Crabtree Loves the Total Transcript Solution

5 Reasons Marcy Crabtree Loves the Total Transcript Solution

5 Reasons Marcy Crabtree Loves the Total Transcript Solution

Marcy Crabtree of Ben and Me recently started using my Total Transcript Solution. I taught a class for her, and during the class she was telling me all about how much she loves it!

The Top 5 Reasons Marcy Crabtree Loves the Total Transcript Solution

1) I know that I'm going to be prepared and that helps alleviate so much fear and so much pressure for me. I already feel calmer.

2) I know that Lee has put together a system of tools that will make it a breeze to not only open a word document and physically create Ben's transcript, but that's also helping me learn how to translate our personal homeschool method into courses that are not just acceptable on his transcript, but that will glow with his passions and his interests, giftings, and accomplishments. I want that three-dimensional Ben to show up on his transcript.

3) I'm just thrilled that I don't have to change how we homeschool. Instead of changing from all that to a more textbook and test kind of approach, Lee is helping me, through the Total Transcript Solution, to learn how to translate how we homeschool into those words and numbers that the colleges will understand. Ben's thrilled that he doesn't have to go from all the wonderful learning we've done all these years to tests and textbooks. It's super freeing for me to learn that I get to assign his grades without giving tests.

4)  I want colleges to see that Crossfit is more than just P.E. Ben loves Crossfit. He trains three times a week. I want to incorporate that into more than just a P.E. class. I want to make that into more of an "Exercise Physiology" course for him. Using the tools that we have in the Total Transcript Solution, I will better know how to piece that together to present a transcript with "Exercise Physiology" rather than just a P.E. class.

5) The Total Transcript Solution is life changing. It is an amazing package. I'm really excited about this tool as we begin homeschooling in the fall.

If you want to hear Marcy's explanation, just click on this YouTube video to listen to Marcy's entire Total Transcript Solution review.

I just love helping parents homeschool their children through high school, and I would love to help you, too! Would you like to see the class I did with Marcy, on Grades, Credits, and Transcripts? Click here to watch "A Homeschooler's Guide to High School Grades, Credits, & Transcripts." Click here to learn more about the Total Transcript Solution.

Have you used the Total Transcript Solution?  Please share your experience!

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Subject Line - SUCCESS STORY!

Subject Line - SUCCESS STORY!
What a blessing to read about good news! Cynthia wrote to tell me about her marvelous success story! They were able to get their child the college admission and scholarships of her dreams!

Cynthia's Success Story!

 Hi Lee -

I am writing to say thank you and to share our success story with you.

Our eldest (of three) children was just accepted early decision into Lafayette College in Easton, PA! Your resources were invaluable in helping me wade through the application process. I used both your "Total Transcript Solution" and "Comprehensive Record Solution." I so appreciate all the information, directions, and samples provided so that I could customize our son's application to make him stand out. I feel our end product - the transcript, comprehensive records, in addition to the essays he and I both had to write and the recommendations from others - was an outstanding product that helped the college selection committee see our son's academic excellence and also his character, which led them to a decision to admit him to their institution.

I recommend your materials to all homeschoolers who have high school students, and I also agree with your suggestions that homeschoolers with younger students should also begin to learn all about keeping records before their children are in high school. I find myself almost looking forward to creating the transcripts and records for our two younger children!

Blessings and joy as you and your family!

In Christ,

Cynthia in NJ

Listen, if you are new to the whole "high school thing" just take it one step at a time. If you are a true beginner, or looking at homeschooling for the first time, look at my Getting Started Page. If you are ready to have your own success story about homeschooling high school, then check out some of my preview classes on my Homeschool Freebies Page. And if you would appreciate some support along the way, consider joining the Gold Care Club for $67 per month. The Gold Care Club has 5 recorded classes, a live webinar, tools, template, scholarships and resources that change monthly - and you can learn independently that way. But with the Gold Care Club you also get personalized support if you like, with a consultation for 20 minutes every week, by phone or by email. Plus it's just plain fun to talk to another homeschool mom who understands!

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"Your One Stop Shop for Transcript Help"

"Your One Stop Shop for Transcript Help"
Home & School Mosaics  wrote a wonderful review of my Total Transcript Solution!  Look what they said!

Your One Stop Shop for Transcript Help

Total Transcript Solution Review
By Renita Terrell

I LOVE this product!! I have a freshman this year and the information in this product and on Lee's website are invaluable. Completely invaluable. Total Transcript Solution is a gem to have to help you navigate the sometimes frightening waters of High School Transcripts. Shoot, even High School courses themselves. Lee has a no nonsense way of approaching the subject that makes it not only understandable but absolutely doable.

With The Total Transcript Solution you get access to her website as well as support and extras. There are so many goodies on there you will think it was Christmastime! I am not kidding you, there is so much information here that you will need TIME to digest and read it all.

This is your one stop shop for Transcript help.

Lee Binz has a practical way of guiding you that is firm in her knowledge yet gentle in her approach. She has "been there and done that" so she can guide the rest of us with strong assurance that we really can do it. Sometimes when someone has so much knowledge of their topic they become hard to understand or follow. Not so with Lee. She is right there with you leading you every step of the way with easy to understand instructions and guidance and a quick smile or laugh to set you at ease. She is easy to work with and is passionate about helping homeschoolers.

The Total Transcript Solution really is your one stop shop for transcript help. With your purchase you get a ton of FREEBIES! Who doesn't like freebies, right? On Lee's Homepage there is a list of Freebies but when you sign up for The Total Transcript Solution you get even more Freebies.

You just have to go and see for yourself all the amazing things Lee has for you when she helps you with your journey of homeschooling high school. The Total Transcript Solution is an all-inclusive transcript system that is just $47. With that $47 you get a month free trial to the Silver Care Club. Can I strongly suggest that you take advantage of this? It is completely and totally worth it. Seriously. After the month trial is over, the price of your Silver Training Club membership goes down to just $27 a month. You can cancel at any time but let me warn you, you may never want to!

With your Total Transcript Solution purchase you get access to the Silver Training Club Member's page with links and even more information. Lee has thought of everything you need to make you successful at planning high school and creating amazing transcripts. You should really check her website out You won't be disappointed!

Read the full review at Home & School Mosaics.

If you would like to know more about transcripts and the Total Transcript Solution, I have a free class you might enjoy.  A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits and Transcripts is completely free, and you can register for the class here: A Homeschool Parent's Guide to Grades, Credits and Transcripts.

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Feel Encouraged Along the Way

Feel Encouraged Along the Way
I received a wonderful endorsement from Allen Kvalvik!  I gave an online class for First Class Homeschool Ministries, and Allen was the moderator.  He and his wife have been friends, customers, and business associates for a while now.  Check out the nice things he had to say about the Total Transcript Solution!

Total Transcript Solution Review by First Class Homeschool Ministries

"There’s no better endorser than a satisfied customer. And I would say that my wife, Joyce, and I are very satisfied customers of Lee Binz and The HomeScholar. Like I’ve said a minute ago, we’ve graduated our twin boys from high school this year.

It was very exciting and we were greatly encouraged along the way by Lee. Not just with the transcript, grades, transcript, and everything that we talked about, but just encouragement to homeschool through high school. This is one of the greatest services that Lee provides – encouragement in one of the scariest part of homeschool.

I think that a lot of homeschool moms and homeschool dads will think that the early years are not so challenging. But when they get up in to the high school years and face chemistry, biology, calculus, or something like that and wonder how you are going to find your way through it all.

It will help you keep track of grades and Lee is so encouraging that she believes that homeschool parents really can homeschool through high school. I mentioned earlier that Kevin and Michael are going to enter the local community college. They were accepted with no problems; they got discounts from their car insurance which is a very practical benefit in having a good transcript.

Lee and her husband, Matt, they’ve been friends with us for some time now and we could not ask for better partners in this ministry." ~ Allen Kvalvik, First Class Homeschool Ministries

Allen's wife, Joyce, wrote me a lovely thank you note, after her children graduated. Here is what she wrote after their graduation party.
"Wow!  I can’t believe they are graduated!

We put our twins, Devin and Michael in the public school system from kindergarten thru 2nd grade and when they were not learning to read, I found myself spending a lot of time after school with them each day trying to help them.   They would get home from school around 3:30 in the afternoon and I would sit down with each one of them and get through their homework and work with them on their reading.  We got used to having dinner around 6:30 since I couldn’t really start working on it until about 5:30 after I got done studying with my twins.  (I also had a two year old running around interrupting us as well – so it took a little longer then it probably should have.)

We decided that since we were putting so much time into educating our children after they came home from school that we might as well take them out of the school and do it ourselves.  That way I could teach them at a time that was a little more convenient for our family.

Since I used to say that I would never be able to homeschool my children, the plan was to just get them “caught up” and put them back in school when they were “ready”.  Well the rest is history.  We never did put them back in traditional school and the two babies that followed after our twins have never stepped foot in a public school.  We have just found that we love having our family home with us and learning together.  We saw all the benefits of having our children at home with us, not to mention that the socialization at home was far superior to the “socialization” that happens in the public schooling environment.

As we schooled through the years, I always wondered if I was doing enough.  I was bothered by the fact that we weren’t memorizing all the facts that I had to memorize in public school as a kid and constantly wondered if we were doing the right curriculum.  I worried that we didn’t have a biology lab where we could do the official experiments that all kids should have access to.  I worried about our children having a “well-rounded education” that so many education experts talk about.  But learned that no one is really “well rounded”.  Everyone is gifted by God and given certain “bents” that are God given.  Why focus so much on being well-rounded when the God of the Universe has a specific (or a few specific) things for you to accomplish.  He doesn’t expect you to be great at everything!  All of my children’s’ specific “bents” were towards music.  They all loved playing music and since my husband and I love music too, it was perfect for our family.   Don’t get me wrong.  We didn’t completely “blow off” all the other stuff and just do music all day long, but it was a good leverage to use to get them to do their reading, writing and arithmetic before we brought out the guitars and drums.

Like I said above,  I was always worried that we weren’t doing enough for our boys, but I guess we did okay, because one of our boys qualified for our local Running Start program and will be getting his AA degree earlier than usual and my other twin was just accepted into a college where he will be getting his degree in fitness.  So far the one that is in the Running Start program has a 3.4 GPA and would like to get a degree in Business so he can own his own business someday.   Both boys love the Lord and are frustrated with the college environment but we are talking a lot about it and I am glad they have such a strong foundation from their homeschooling days that will hopefully help them navigate those challenges that they will and are coming across in the secular college environment.

We just had a wonderful graduation with our boys.  We didn’t have any other kids in their class (from the homeschool co-op we are involved in)  that were graduating so we had a ceremony just for them at our church.   Our church let us use their facility and it was beautiful!  We had about 100 of our friends and family join us in our celebration.  We were able to share a great video of their growing up years and present our boys with their diplomas and words of encouragement.  They each had some words of encouragement for us and it was very heart warming.

Someone asked me if I had to do it all over again, would I do anything differently and I think that I would probably have looked for more ways to get college scholarships for my boys so they could attend a private Christian college, but I am proud of the way they are handling themselves so far.  We have a good relationship with them and it makes for good/honest conversations.

We prayed all the way through their homeschooling years for them daily.  I believe that is why we don’t have many regrets on what we did.  I believe that God guided us in curriculum choices and what to really spend our time and money on for them.  God was very clear with us on what we should focus on and I am very thankful for His leading in our homeschooling.

We also joined a homeschool cooperative that made a huge difference in our continuing this journey.  Whenever we were frustrated and ready to quit, the community of other homeschoolers were there to help us and support us.  I think that was a pretty important thing for us.  There are so many resources and support networks out there now.  You don’t have to do this alone.

Obviously, we are not a perfect family and we have had our challenges and warts, but I am truly amazed at how well homeschooling works.  It’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!"  ~ Joyce

Thank you, Allen and Joyce!  I appreciate your kind words!

Read to see what others are saying about The HomeScholar’s Gold Care Club!


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"I love it all" Says Lori Lane

"I love it all" Says Lori Lane

Lori Lane, of Heart of the Matter Online and Artios Academies LOVED looking at the Total Transcript Solution.
I have looked over the Total Transcript Solutions and it’s something that I’m going to recommend to all of the parents that I worked with in Artios Academies and continue to note in on Heart of the Matter.  The research you’ve compiled lines up with how I feel about homeschooling through high school. That is, I want my child to be represented in the best way possible but I don’t want to fit in a mold and I want to continue to homeschool the way that we’ve been homeschooling.
What I liked most in the Total Transcript Solution was the e-book, the Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts. I had to do a lot of this research on my own before I knew you had already done it.  This was a great compilation; the summary and how to will encourage people to continue on homeschooling.

I love all of it!  I love the bonuses but what I really love is the fact that I can pick up the phone and call you. The first month when I get my feet wet, I could say “Hey, I’ve run into this” or “I wish I could have done this, especially with my first child.” Everything I collected for him, I put in a box but it wasn’t in a file; it wasn’t compiled in any way until the second half of his junior year and then I started trying to put it together.

It ended up all good and he ended up in the college of his choice with great scholarships. But I wish I could have picked up the phone and said “Hey, Lee. I’ve got this box in front of me and it’s got all this stuff. I’ve read your book but I’m lost as to exactly where to start or how to present him in the best light.” That personal one-on-one attention is key to continue to homeschool successfully and to end strong.

~Lori Lane, Heart of the Matter Online

The HomeScholar’s Total Transcript Solution will take the fear out of homeschool transcripts! 
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Homeschool Mom's Investment Wins Big!

Homeschool Mom's Investment Wins Big!
Thank you, Sue, for sharing your experience!

Even though I am in the field of education, finding a plan for homeschooling high school and preparing good college transcripts was not easy. Then I came across Lee’s website and everything changed.

I first purchased the “Total Transcript Solution” program to help me organize and plan my 10th grade daughter’s transcripts. Lee added so many bonuses and articles which helped me in the whole process so that* I now have an entire high school template to keep our homeschooling on track.*The best part was the free month of weekly one-on-one calls where she gave advice and actually critiqued my working drafts.

I then purchased the “Comprehensive Records Solution” and discovered so many ways to enhance my daughter’s transcript. We now work together and actually prepare classes and projects to showcase her special talents in the field in which she wants to study. Without the attention to details found in the comprehensive programs she wouldn’t be as appealing to her college as she looks now. I also felt so strongly in the need for Lee’s programs and services for homeschool parents, just like me, that I shared them with my local homeschool group.

Lastly, I joined the “Gold Care Club” and can’t wait for my weekly discussion with Lee. I now feel confident that my daughter will have the necessary transcripts for graduating high school as well as the crucial transcripts for getting into the college of her choice.

~ Dr. Sue Overend
Homeschool Mom to Brittany

Our monthly newsletter comes out on the first of every month.  Sign up for your free monthly newsletter here.
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Feel The Love from Colleges!

Feel The Love from Colleges!
Where will you be four years from now?  Will you experience post-homeschool success?  These notes from other real homeschool parents are SURE to encourage you!

Encouragement from Ann in Connecticut

Just a short note of encouragement - two years ago, I was just where you are. I had purchased the Total Transcript Solution, as I knew I had to prepare transcripts for college admission, and my son had taken the SAT, but I knew NOTHING about what I should be doing to prepare for college admissions.

Toward the end of my month-long free subscription to the Gold Care Club, I contacted Lee with a question about the SAT - figured I may as well use it at least once before it expired!

To make a long story short, I decided to extend my subscription to Gold Care Club, learned loads about junior year and homeschooling high school through the Club and Lee's other materials, and was able to prepare a transcript, go to a college fair, visit colleges, and finish my course descriptions by the beginning of senior year.

Having Lee to advise you and hold your hand as you navigate the process will ensure success, as long as you do your part.

She's helped me with two boys now, and both have been accepted to the colleges of their choice with scholarships at each one (though we are still waiting to hear on a few this year).

I encourage you to learn all you can from Lee's materials and take advantage of all the support she has for you for this year--you CAN do it! I felt just like you two years ago!
~Ann in Connecticut

Encouragement from Molly in Washington

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