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Reporting SAT Scores To Colleges

Reporting SAT Scores To Colleges
Reporting SAT Scores To Colleges I was just talking to one of my Gold Care Club members about the cost of sending SAT scores to colleges. Without planning, it can get priceyWhen you register for the SAT test, the student can indicate up to four college recipients during registration. Only four score sends are included with your registration; you have to pay to send additional scores. I believe that it is $11-$12 per college when you...
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How Homeschoolers Measure Up: Comparing Percentiles

How Homeschoolers Measure Up: Comparing Percentiles
How Homeschoolers Measure Up with Test Scores Homeschoolers tend to do GREAT on standardized test scores. For example: on average, homeschoolers score above the 79th percentile in reading. But what does that mean to you? How does your homeschooler measure up? Are you average? Of course not!Homeschooling alone can't guarantee that your child will score in the 79th percentile in reading, because every child is unique! But what homeschooing CAN do, is allow your child to...
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How Much For This Test Score?

How Much For This Test Score?
I wish I could give nice, concrete, set-in-stone answers for everyone.  Especially when it comes to money, it's so important to get answers.  But paying for college is a lot like buying a house.  It requires a lot of estimation as well as serious research.Are there any charts out there that break down SAT and ACT  scores and scholarship dollars?  I understand that all colleges do not cost the same and the dollar amount in scholarships...
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Guest — Sandy Grant
We found that that you might get scholarships that you weren't expecting. My daughters grades and test scores were not WOW but we... Read More
Saturday, 22 June 2013 22:24
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Reach, Fit and Safety Colleges

Reach, Fit and Safety Colleges
Ah statistics!  You gotta love 'em!  Except when you don't....   But if you DO like numbers, this blog post is for you!  Let me explain the concept of "reach, fit, and safety" for math lovers!To find a reach, fit, and safety college, you have to look at "Admissions Data" found online and in books.  Little tip; just Google the school name and the words "admission data" and you'll find it. Then compare it to your...
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Do you REALLY need that test?

Do you REALLY need that test?
The SAT and ACT are college admission tests, used for college admission purposes.  Some colleges will want those test scores even if your child is older, in order for them to enter for an undergraduate degree.  Because it's hard to forecast the future, I suggest giving one of those tests to students regardless of the situation.  Although it's relatively painless to take the test as a high school student, it would be much more painful to...
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Test Scores vs. Values

Test Scores vs. Values
"Failure" in a homeschool doesn't have anything to do with a test score.   Our family has a motto:  "never compare, someone always gets hurt."  This is particularly true when comparing your child's test scores to someone else, or comparing your homeschool to someone else.  In fact, "Failure" isn't about test scores at all.Jeremiah 9:23-24This is what the LORD says:"Let not the wise man boast of his wisdomor the strong man boast of his strengthor the...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Debb S.
And also, a very intelligent person with no wisdom/values can do a whole lot of harm.
Saturday, 29 May 2010 17:10
Guest — J W
Now's a good time for me to put in a plug about the Home School Legal Defense Association. They've been working on the global lev... Read More
Monday, 15 June 2009 19:28
Guest — ProntoLessons
I agree with you completely on this. But, in this world where there's an increasing desire to rely on testing and standardization... Read More
Sunday, 14 June 2009 22:46
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High School Math - How Fast Can You Run?

High School Math - How Fast Can You Run?
One mom wrote to me, concerned that her child's SAT scores might be low because he hadn't yet finished Algebra 2.  She wondered if they would be better off rushing through Algebra 2 at break-neck speed, hoping to increase his test scores. I do think that being 1/2 way through Algebra 2 may have affected the scores.  When finished with the course, math section scores should increase.  It can help if you re-take the test in...
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