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SAT Entirely in Aramaic?

SAT Entirely in Aramaic?
High school testing is a subject that interests many of my clients. There is something about seeing an acronym of letters that makes homeschooling parents nervous. Never fear! Prepping for and taking the SAT is not a scary thing.  Today Jennifer Karan, Executive Director of the SAT Program at shares more reasons why we should lower our misconceptions of the SAT. Three Misconceptions about the SATBy: Jennifer Karan, Executive Director of SAT Program at the College Board®Though...
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Guest — J W
You asked about strange ideas I've heard about the SAT? Back when the College Board first introduced the essay component, I heard... Read More
Friday, 19 October 2012 02:05
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How Do I Avoid Homeschool Burnout?

How Do I Avoid Homeschool Burnout?
I was talking with a homeschool mom at the pool - "talking" is the very loosest sense of the word.  I had just swam 20 minutes of crawl stroke, and I was incredibly short of breath.  The other mom said that she avoids such fatigue by alternating crawl stroke and breast stroke. What a genius!  Now to be truthful, the real reason I was short of breath is because I'm out of shape.  But let's put...
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Guest — J W
Summer break doesn't have to be in summer, either. We used to live in the South, where summer is miserable. We took breaks in th... Read More
Thursday, 30 July 2009 04:41
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High School Subjects That Just Don't Work

High School Subjects That Just Don't Work
My kids love to read, and many times I was able to change a "most hated" subject into something they would tolerate – like art!  We managed to survive art class by reading about art.My strategy didn't always work, however.  I had two stabs at state history, and neither attempt was successful.  We tried reading literature about our state, Washington.  Perhaps I just never found quality literature about my state.  For some reason, books about state...
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Guest — Marvelyn
Many states require state history, but we moved out of TX during the time my daughter was the "typical" age to take this subject, ... Read More
Friday, 18 June 2010 05:05
Guest — J W
Taaaaaaaaaaaaarnation! When ah tried ta git 'em, them dad blame King County Library websites done said they didn't have even half... Read More
Sunday, 18 January 2009 17:17
Guest — Siri Betcher
Thanks JW. I found all your recommended texts available at the King County Library and have put them on my hold list. Siri... Read More
Saturday, 17 January 2009 23:52
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Christmas School!

Christmas School!
When our kids were in high school, we cut WAY back during December.  We just did the very CORE subjects, doing just the things that needed to be done in order to make progress during the year.  That means we worked on math and foreign language every day, mostly. They loved reading, so nothing I could do would make them stop reading their beloved books.  It was fun for them.The entire month of December we did...
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Guest — J W
I joke about changing the name of our homeschool to "Foul Weather Academy" because of our propensity to goof off on sunny days and... Read More
Friday, 05 December 2008 15:04
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This Is My Guinea Pig...

This Is My Guinea Pig...
Becky asked me to look over her high school plan for 9th grade, as she is trying to prepare her son for college, adding "This is my guinea first of 4 to go this far so I'd appreciate advice from those who have been here. "Dear Becky,Be brave!  Your plan sounds wonderful to me, but you know best - you really do!  Sonlight 100 is great, Apologia Biology is wonderful.  Reading and writing is critical,...
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