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Homeschool Transcripts - Where Does Shakespeare Fit?

Homeschool Transcripts - Where Does Shakespeare Fit?
I have often said that the easy part about writing the transcripts is the typing.  The hard part is knowing what to type!  That's why I became so frustrated with transcript software, and why in my business I focus more on "WHAT" to type. My daughter is studying Shakespeare and I'm wondering what  "subject" will that fall under. Might you know? Is drama, theatre,  or ????~Tisha in CaliforniaHi Tisha,Put it where you need it.If you're doing...
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Speeding Up Dawdling Readers

Speeding Up Dawdling Readers
There are ways to speed up readers that are slow but competent.You can use books on audio, which can speed them along - even if they are reading along with the audio, it's a good way for them to practice reading faster.You can read plays WHILE watching plays.  We did that with Shakespeare for my dawdling reading.  We got the BBC version of the Shakespeare plays, which are word for word, and then followed along with...
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Guest — Annie Blake
My dawdler is almost 11 which means he is 2 years before high school here in Ireland. Although he reads slowly he is a very compet... Read More
Friday, 29 May 2009 21:38
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SAT Score Raising Classics

SAT Score Raising Classics
Hi Lee,One of the times I heard you speak, you mentioned a certain publisher of literature books (classics) by a particular author that you had your boys read to prepare for the SAT.  They were unique in the fact that on the back of each page words were defined.I cannot find that information in my file of notes from you.  :-)Do you recall those books, and would you mind sending me the name? Thank you for...
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Guest — J W
I personally swear by _Cracking the SAT_ by The Princeton Review. It has a ton of tips, and great strategies that can also be use... Read More
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 18:23
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