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You know you are an OFFICIAL homeschooler when.....

You know you are an OFFICIAL homeschooler when.....
Each child has a pile of unfinished projects they still want to finish because they found something else they wanted to do first. ~ Cynthia You tell the kids to go read in their rooms while mom and the dogs go nap. ~ Bonnie You're on a first name basis with the UPS man, the Postal Dude, and even the occasional FedEx person. ~ Pam You find a way to turn a Disney trip into an...
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Playing Christmas School

Playing Christmas School
When our kids were in high school, we cut WAY back on homeschool work during December, because there’s so much more going on during this time. We did school for about 3-4 hours a day. Like public schools do during half-days, we crammed the core subjects into the morning, and took the rest of the day off.  We covered math, foreign language, science (sometimes), journal writing, and reading. Our boys loved reading, so nothing I could...
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Homeschool Credit for Special Courses

Homeschool Credit for Special Courses
If you’re struggling to evaluate your student’s courses, and how to assign credit, you’re not alone!  A lot of parents have a particularly hard time figuring out how to evaluate special courses, such as the culinary or fine arts.  One approach is to think of all the different skills that your child demonstrates. In culinary arts, sometimes people come up with things like shopping, meal planning, and menu creation. Other times people will list general skill...
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New Homeschooler Jitters

New Homeschooler Jitters
The first year of homeschooling is such an adventure!  It's hard to balance school stuff that matters (like reading, writing, and math) against the school stuff that simply isn't necessary when you are homeschooling (desks, tests, and watching the clock.) Even if you know you are supposed to be homeschooling, it can still be pretty intimidating.  If you need a boost of encouragement, watch my video on " How do you know you can homeschool high...
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Should I Pull My Student Out of Private School?

Should I Pull My Student Out of Private School?
A mom poured out her heart to me about pulling her child out of private school.  She homeschooled her son until high school, but then put him into private school.  There were some issues, and a change was needed, so her son wanted to attend public school. She was considering homeschooling again, but was very concerned.  Even though her son wasn't rebellious, he had no desire to homeschool.   She wanted solutions.   Here is my reply to...
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How Do You Know You Can Homeschool High School?

How Do You Know You Can Homeschool High School?
Here is a nice little "pick-me-up" video on how you can be sure you can homeschool high school.   We are so excited about our newsletter, which (as always) comes out on the 1st of the month.  It will be waiting for you when you wake up on Monday morning!  You can  sign up here .
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Christmas School!

Christmas School!
When our kids were in high school, we cut WAY back during December.  We just did the very CORE subjects, doing just the things that needed to be done in order to make progress during the year.  That means we worked on math and foreign language every day, mostly. They loved reading, so nothing I could do would make them stop reading their beloved books.  It was fun for them. The entire month of December we...
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If at first you don't succeed; test, test again!

If at first you don't succeed; test, test again!
Eva asks:  In the situation of a poorly completed test where it is clear either the student misunderstood the instructions or was truly ill, is it acceptable to ask for a "re-do" and record the score only on the second attempt? (9th grade spelling) I absolutely encourage you to allow your daughter to retake tests.  The goal in homeschooling is completely different than the goal in other schools.  In a classroom setting, tests and quizzes are...
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